Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon is known throughout the country for redefining the art of hypnosis. As an entertainer, comedian, speaker and trainer, Kalmon has hypnotized thousands and shown them how to Unlock the Power Within™.

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Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon is known throughout the country for redefining the art of hypnosis. As an entertainer, comedian, speaker and trainer, Kalmon has hypnotized thousands and shown them how to Unlock the Power Within™.

Breaking the mold from traditional hypnosis shows – no dark atmosphere or eerie music, Kalmon combines his hypnotic talents with exceptional timing and charm. For the last twenty years, Kalmon has been a sought after headliner at Corporate Events, Casinos and Comedy Club Theaters. In his work with Fortune 500 companies, Kalmon has shown executives and employees at all levels how to break through the negative barriers in their lives and bring out their best.

In 2005 Kalmon’s national TV show was launched and was picked up for a Second Season in the same year. Star of his own TV show “Seeing Stars” that airs the TV Guide Channel, Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon gives you a chance to become your favorite celebrity and have your fifteen minutes of fame! Every week on Seeing Stars, Kalmon encounters real people on the streets of Los Angeles and hypnotizes them to become TV personalities. The volunteers actually think they are characters on their favorite TV shows! They might think that they are Dr. Phil giving advice to people, Paris Hilton on a shoe shopping spree or even Sydney Bristow, from Alias interrogating a suspect. “Seeing Stars” airs during the week at differnt times. Check your local listings.

Whether the audience is a Corporate Event, Casino Showroom or Comedy Club Theater, It’s The Only Comedy Show Where The Audience Becomes The Stars®.

Ricky Kalmon’s self improvement and personal development CDs and programs are tools for a subconscious makeover™

Have you had enough of “so-so” speakers and “just like last time” corporate entertainment? Don’t settle for corporate entertainment that is dull and not politically correct. Offer your clients the ultimate in audience participation and motivational empowerment.

Two Powerful Corporate Programs

Corporate Entertainment– Interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show

Motivational Keynote – Topics: Reducing Stress, Unlock Your Selling Ability, Accountability, Personal and Professional Empowerment

Stage hypnotist, motivational speaker and TV personality Ricky Kalmon brings a high-energy, enriching and empowering experience to the stage. He delivers corporate programs that will change the way you live, work, and think. Kalmon has performed for college and professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and audiences worldwide. His comedy show is always tasteful, always hilarious, but never predictable–no two shows are alike. The most requested stage hypnotist in the country, Kalmon redefines the art of hypnosis. Kalmon’s motivational programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development. By “Unlocking the Power Within™”, he reveals how the subconscious mind can be the greatest tool in achieving new heights in reducing stress and increasing productivity and success.

For over two decades, Kalmon’s hypnosis show has amazed audiences around the world. His program opens with corporate entertainment that leads into a wellness program that will exceed your expectations on every level. Ricky Kalmon empowers his audience to take control of their lives and teaches them how to change bad habits to good habits and become proactive in their preventive health and wellness. Kalmon’s motto is “Change the way you think, and you can change your world.™” His motivational keynote program will offer take-home value to your team. When it comes to personal and professional empowerment, Ricky Kalmon’s programs reduce stress and create success! Ricky Kalmon customizes every program to the needs and interest of each client’s event.

Program: Ricky Kalmon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show

  • Interactive experience – always in good taste – clean and politically correct!
  • Appealing to all audiences and demographics
  • Customized to fit the theme of corporate events
  • High-energy entertainment
  • Ice-melting and barrier-dissolving presentation

Program: Ricky Kalmon’s Motivational Keynote Program: Unlock the Power Within™

  • Employee Engagement program that is customized for your team!
  • Learn how to control stress and tension, to perform at your fullest potential!
  • Increase confidence, positive attitude and overcome challenges!
  • Awaken and inspire your subconscious mind to affirm and attend to your goals, desires, and passions!
  • Enhance a culture of personal and professional accountability!

* Elements of both programs can be combined to offer one program.

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