Kostya Kimlat is a professional magician, motivational speaker, and author of the forthcoming book, Think Like a Magician.

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Kostya has performed as a magician and educated as a keynote speaker in over 200 cities on five continents. Kostya stumped the legendary Penn & Teller on their TV show, Fool Us, and the video clip of his performance has become one of the show’s most popular ever. On stage, Kostya unravels centuries-old principles of perception and secrets of communication, empowering people to be more effective in their business and everyday lives.

Kostya is the real deal when it comes to magic and capturing an audience! I've had the pleasure of seeing Kostya two times and every time he blows me away and hoping for a next time. His magic is flawless but his keynote presentation is as good (if not better) than his magic. He always knows who his audience is and speaks to them about relevant information to their industry. After having the pleasure of hearing his presentation last week, I am still using what he taught daily in my work and personal life. I highly recommend him to speak to any organization as they will be engaged and well as entertained. The best in the business!"
– Katherine F., Regional Sales Director
"I engaged Kostya to do a keynote for our conference which had over 200 attendees. His presentation was so engaging and inspiring that I engaged a corporate sponsor to have him speak as a keynote at our state technology conference. Years later, people still remember his presentation. Kostya does not disappoint. He is a consummate professional, and works diligently to tailor his presentations to connect with the audience. Whether the goal is inspire, message, entertain, or market, he gets the job done."
– George P., Chief Academic Officer
Kostya will have you entertained from the moment he begins! His ability to engage the audience and relate his information to your form of industry is refreshing and so exciting to see. HIGHLY recommend Kostya! He will instantly become one of your favorite keynote speakers!"
– Stefanie S., National Sales Manager
As a conference planner, the most important thing to me is to find someone that understands the audience and can also deliver a message that is replicable and can be taken back to their work. Kostya was the perfect match for that. He has the experience to understand the work that we do, as well as to really read the audience and understand how they need to get that information. I think everybody absolutely loved his message. He’s high energy. He really played well with the different people in the audience. He knew the industry—and they really, really enjoyed it. If you’re thinking about hiring Kostya for your event, I would absolutely recommend him. He was very easy to work with, his team was very professional, and he provided such a wonderful experience for our audience."
– Joy B., Vice President of Professional Development

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