Humorist, motivational speaker, TV & radio personality, actress, author, blogger and entrepreneur are all titles fitting for Karith Foster. She is one of the hottest comics to come out of New York City according to both The Hollywood Reporter and Backstage Magazine who named her one of the “Top 10 Comics to Watch.”

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For nearly two decades Karith Foster has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide- from the airwaves to organizations; from universities to corporations creating a seismic shift in mindsets and revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity and leadership.

The former co-host of controversial radio personality Don Imus and former Fortune 500 human resources executive administrator brings the perfect blend of humor, knowledge and experience when conveying the ever-present need to address diversity, inclusion and effective communication. Karith leaves her audiences feeling engaged, connected, inspired and encouraged to commit to the journey of mutual respect, acceptance and a greater sense of belonging.

She kicked off 2020 as a visiting expert for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University where she is a 7-time repeat guest lecturer for the Graduate School of Business course “Reputation Management.”

“If you can laugh at it you can get through it,” is not only her motto, but the invaluable lesson she seeks to instill in others. As a speaker, humorist, TV & radio personality, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Karith’s sense of duty, service, along with her riotous sense of humor, have made her a positive force of change. The words “no” and “impossible” are not in her vocabulary as evidenced by her career path, life challenges, chosen adventures and desire to help others.

Karith is a Diversity Engagement Specialist whose signature programs are impacting lives at academic institutions, organizations and corporations across America in a time when humor, understanding, acceptance and respect are so desperately needed.

  • “Stereotyped 101™”
  • “You Are E.N.O.U.G.H™”
  • “The ABC’s of 2020 Leadership™”
  • “The Humor Initiative™”
  • “The Art of Letting Go™”
  • “You Can Be Perfect…OR You Can Be Happy™” (the book of the same title was released in June 2020)
  • P.I.V.O.T. to Your Purpose™

She is the CEO & Founder of F.R.A.M.E the Foster Russell Alliance for Meaningful Expression a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to inspire free speech, social change and empowerment through education and mentorship.

She is a featured comedian in two hit documentary films “Can We Take a Joke?” and “No Safe Spaces” which have garnered accolades in The Washington Post and TIME Magazine. As has her TEDx Talk “The Art of Defying Stereotypes: Learning to be True to Your Voice” from TEDx LincolnSquare Risk Takers and Change Makers in New York City.

Karith is an alumna of Stephens College (Missouri) and Oxford University. In 2020 she earned a certificate in “Fostering Inclusion and Diversity” from Yale School of Management.

Programs & Services

Stereotyped 101™ takes the “division” out of traditional DEI programming by offering a truly inclusive way to communicate, learn, and create an environment vital to current employee, management and company success. Karith’s INVERSITYTM model invites all members of her audience to C.A.R.E. so they leave with the enhanced tools of Conscious Empathy, Active Listening, Responsible Reactions and Environmental Awareness.

Perfect or Happy™ is a humorous interactive presentation that reminds us we can choose perfection or happiness. Spoiler alert! While the former is an impossibility, by getting back to the B.A.S.I.C.S Karith masterfully guides her audience through navigating the crazy balancing act of life, work and social media so the end goal is to find happiness and peace in our imperfection.

The ABC’s of 2020 Leadership™ It is widely known and accepted that leaders must be smart, strong and capable. Yet, the most telling sign of true leadership is humility, grace and heart. This program addresses head-on the most simplistic method to gain discipline and have a practice of excellence in leadership.

The Humor Initiative™ is designed to showcase the importance and power of humor in business culture by teaching multiple ways for participants to incorporate humor into their everyday lives, enhance their personal and professional relationships and successfully use humor and positive reinforcement to manifest desired outcomes and productivity.

The Art of Letting Go™ deep dives into how we can release habits, ideas, and situations that do not serve us and hold us back from personal and professional success. This engaging program reveals how by “letting go” we actually gain more than we could have ever anticipated- more freedom, more confidence, more knowledge, and more personal power.

You Are E.N.O.U.G.H.™ is a positive, high-energy, interactive presentation designed to cultivate growth and expose the pitfalls of negative internal dialogues that act as obstacles for living our best lives personally and professionally.

Can We Speak Freely?™ at Work gives insight and understanding to navigate the world of political correctness by understanding it’s not what you say but how it is presented. This program aims to educate employees on free speech, expression and creating communication awareness for an open exchange of ideas to benefit the professional environment.

P.I.V.O.T. to Your Purpose™ the global pandemic of 2020 has taken the world by surprise. Adjusting to new ways of life, working, learning and communicating has never been more necessary. Being able to P.I.V.O.T. is critical to our success and survival both personally and professionally.

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