John is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert, sales specialist and author.

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He was a successful sales rep that survived in the super stressful technology sector for 19 years, then moved into sales training and meeting planning internationally for 12 years.

His book Travel Balance helps people stay energized and balanced while traveling. He has spoken to thousands of people in 26 countries sharing his secrets to staying sane and healthy in a crazy world.

John will provide a speaker introduction script at the event (or upon request earlier)

Keynote Topics

Travel Health – Secrets to Stay Healthy on the Road for Sales Professionals
Boost your team’s sales with effective strategies to minimize job stress and achieve peak performance!

  • Stay balanced so you can exceed your quota
  • Be healthy and vibrant, even on the road
  • Perform at your best

Anyone in sales will tell you that it can be very stressful from almost every perspective. Expectations are high while pay is variable. Business travel is often emotionally and physically taxing, yet a necessary part of the job. The negotiating table requires being sharp everyday. Maintaining physical health is key. Salespeople must perform at their best, no matter the challenge.

John will share tips you can use immediately to reduce stress, maximize focus, and maintain endurance.

Whether you travel domestically, internationally, only a few times a year, or are a road warrior, you will leave this session knowing the insider tips from a Wellness Expert (traditional naturopath) that spent 30+ years in sales and sales training traveling around the world for IBM…and lived to tell the stories.

Learning Outcomes

  • Boost your immune system
  • Sleep better at home and on the road
  • Minimize unwanted stress
  • Supercharge your nutrition
  • Stop jet lag in its tracks!

The Magic of Wellness…Energizing You To Achieve Personal and Professional Success!
Is it possible to use natural healing techniques to achieve true wellness and balance in your life?

This content packed and fast-paced presentation will unveil natural health secrets that can help your body to heal itself. Discover the foundational pillars of natural health to unlock your optimum wellness.

John will demystify many common misperceptions and get you on the road to wellness!

Key Takeaways:

  • One simple change you can make to drastically improve your family’s health!
  • Identify the healing modality that works best for you
  • Optimize your health through technology
  • Tips to get your energy and balance back!
  • Secrets on how to stay energized, healthy and balanced when you travel

Don’t miss this fun, engaging and one of the most entertaining wellness sessions you will ever attend!

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