Jim Cathcart is founder and CEO of Cathcart Institute. For forty plus years he has been training people worldwide in ways to grow their businesses and expand their lives. Jim combines the substance and knowledge of an industry expert with the highly developed presentation skills of a professional performer.

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LEADERSHIP MOTIVATION to increase sales, improve communication, build confidence and focus on what matters most from The Original Author of “Relationship Selling™.”

Behavioral Scientist and Motivation Expert, Jim Cathcart increases the confidence and effectiveness of sales people and leadership teams. He coaches leaders worldwide, conducts seminars and delivers compelling keynote speeches. Jim is the best selling author of 19 books. A “Hall of Fame” business motivator & entertainer, TEDx top 1%.


Sales: Relationship Selling™- Turn Contacts into Assets; As the author of the original “Relationship Selling,” published in 1986, (and rewritten in 2015), Jim Cathcart has both depth and credibility on this topic. Includes: Relationship Intelligence®: High-Value Relationships & Success Velocity.

Motivation: Growing Leadership At All Levels; Get people to WANT to do what is needed. Generate an engaged ownership-mentality and turn your people into problem solvers. All leadership begins with Self-Leadership.

Motivation: Get yourself to do what needs to be done…even when you don’t feel like it. Based on Jim’s new bestseller The Self Motivation Handbook.

Presentation Skills: Power Communication- How to Present like a Professional (personal coaching available) – Confident Communication in all types of presentations. Co-founder of the CHINA Speakers Association.

Re-Motivation: ReZoom The Boom!™ -Get people re-engaged in growing the business. Revitalize your team and kick off a new era of growth.

UpServing™ – Lifetime Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty is to be given, not just received. “UpServing™”, a term coined by Jim Cathcart, is about seeking to upgrade the level of satisfaction achieved at every contact point with the customers. This leads to larger purchases, less sales resistance, easier recoveries, and more repeat and referral business.

Music Entertainment – Jim plays guitar: Classic Rock & Roll Hits from the Baby Boom Era. Jim Cathcart singer/songwriter, guitarist – Band name: ReZoom The Boom!™

About Jim: The Motivation Expert, Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is an international Bestselling Author and Hall of Fame Speaker.

A Leadership Motivation Expert, His books The Self Motivation Handbook, The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling have all achieved bestseller status and are translated into multiple languages. As the author of 19 books, a popular Blog and hundreds of recorded programs, his students number in the hundreds of thousands.

A Sales & Marketing Pioneer: Inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London & Paris in Dec. 2012. Jim Cathcart is the man who popularized the term “Relationship Selling™.”

Awarded by His Industry and Admired By His Peers: Jim is considered one of the world’s leading professional speakers and business authors, the top of the top 1%. His TEDx video has garnered over 1.7 million views in the first 5 years. He has presented over 3,200 speeches in every US state and around the world. Jim Cathcart is one of only 5 speakers in the world who hold all of the following honors: past president of the National Speakers Association (NSA), recipient of the Cavett Award, member of the Speaker Hall of Fame (CPAE), Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a 29 year member of the exclusive Speakers Roundtable (20 of the world’s top speakers) and in the year 2001 he was the recipient of the Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International. In 2017 he was chosen as one of the “Top 25 Speakers” (out of 1,300) through an online survey of 27,000 business people and Top 100 Sales Influencers. And he was inducted into the international Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame.



Industry leader, Civic leader and Former Leadership Training director for a 356,000 member organization, Jim Cathcart teaches “Ground Level Leadership™”, how to get things done and stimulate people to want to do them well.

Based in years of psychological research when Jim was co-owner of a psychological testing firm, this is a practical and realistic approach to getting the job done and making a difference.


Build connections that pay off. Friendship is not a strategy, it is a pattern of actions, and Business Friendships must be profitable. Learn to determine which relationships will be profitable and which will not be.

Sales: Relationship Selling is an approach to business growth and a system for converting contacts into contracts. Learn from the original author, Jim Cathcart.


Speaking: Hall of Fame professional speaker Cathcart teaches how he and his colleagues build the confidence to move any audience to action. Individual coaching is also available.

Learn to communicate with impact and to lead meetings in such a way that others will want to attend them.


Success Velocity™ is the readiness and likelihood of your success as a person or as an organization. To Motivate yourself or others you must stimulate their “motives” into “action.” Do what needs to be done…even when you don’t feel like it. Learn to determine your current patterns “M.O.” and discover the resources and strategies that will increase your achievements.

Based on Jim’s many years of psychological research and practical application with over 2,000 audiences around the world. When you’re ready for the next level of success; measure and then increase your Success Velocity™.


When you’re loyal to their needs, customers will become more loyal to you. Learn how to earn their loyalty and to adjust your own: Systems, Policies, Attitudes, Habit Patterns and Performance to grow more business from existing and future customers.

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