Jennifer Webb is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, trainer and speaking-skills coach, one of a prestigious group of women using magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate. She combines a high-energy, interactive format with innovative information to energize audiences worldwide. With a strong vision of personal empowerment she entertains and educates participants, leaving them with a set of practical tools they can utilize immediately.

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Jennifer Webb’s extraordinary programs combine magic, psychology, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and other disciplines to reach people instantly with messages of inspiration and content. Her most popular programs are designed to propel thinking from challenges and frustration to “can do” and “possibilities.” Her core message: Our attitudes and expectations create our realities and impact everyone around us, and we have the power to change how we think if it isn’t getting us the results we want. Motivational speaker, corporate consultant and NLP coach, Jennifer has authored four books on human potential and is proudest of her non-profit, Shakespeare Animal Fund, a 501(c)(3) whose sole purpose is to help elderly, disabled and others pay emergency veterinary bills when their animals are suffering, and they haven’t the funds.


Power & Presence: What it Means to Lead Like a Woman

Do the same rules apply to men and women in leadership roles? Absolutely not. Leading effectively—and with impact– requires excellence in several key areas including communication skills to command respect, risk taking, social and emotional intelligence, resilience and confidence to leverage your career and your personal and professional growth. There has never been a better time to be a woman in business, and this program helps you examine how to take strategic risks and model confidence, as you develop key skills to empower your future.

  • Leverage strengths to achieve and sustain credibility.Assess personal strengths and utilize universal perceptions to leverage credibility. Learn how and when to take strategic risks.
  • Project confidence consistently. Understand what it takes to always maintain an air of confidence no matter what the circumstances.
  • Empower and influence others toward achieving mutual goals.Learn skills to utilize empathetic listening and foster an environment of open, respectful communication.

The Psychology of Persuasion: Motivating Ourselves & Others Regardless of What’s Going Wrong

 Influencing ourselves and others to stay inspired and motivated despite constant change and chaos can mean the difference between a successful thriving business or just getting by, between loving work or just enduring it. And influencing is about strategic and focused communication, reading non-verbal cues, utilizing emotional intelligence to diffuse conflict and generate loyalty and trust, and dispel illusions around communication.

  • Techniques to leverageneeded change by motivating others based on their needs, listening to understand before trying to engage or persuade, giving others a sense of control and decision-making autonomy and acknowledging what others are doing right, which is an essential priority in building rapport.
  • Skills to create internal and external commitments: Choosing to build a model of excellence, examine what fears/concerns are realistic and creating a safe environment for risk-taking (however moderate) as well as skills for handling setbacks and ideas to keep attitudes focused on potentiality and possibility.
  • Tools to create a smart visionbased on where we’re putting our energy, using left and right brain techniques to achieve maximum results.

Leading with Excellence

With hundreds of books written on leadership, what exactly does it take to lead with excellence? We begin by understanding the power of servant leadership, realizing that by genuinely empowering everyone within an organization, that organization exponentially improves.

  • Inspire and motivateothers
  • Help your team/department/company see a bigger visionand work collaboratively toward that mission
  • Create an epidemic of appreciation– how to continually offer feedback that is both constructive and motivating
  • Utilize the art of dynamic communicationin everything you say and do, and how to listen first to understand, then be understood

Creating a Hero Culture at Work

How do we model the “heroic” qualities that can exponentially improve customer service and influence employees? This highly interactive program focuses on how to develop the “powers” we already have to get the results we want.

Powers include:

  • Serendicity– How to attract luck and opportunity- through appreciation
  • X-Ray Vision– How to see through the problem person to his or her potential
  • Magnetism– How to draw others to you through empathy, emotional intelligence and effective listening skills
  • Attitude– The power that teaches it’s never what happens to us, it’s what we choose to do about it

Creating the WOW Factor in Public Speaking

The mind is an amazing thing; it starts working the second you’re born and never stops until you get up to speak in public. Regardless of your talents, education and skills, if you can’t speak with confidence, poise and charisma in front of others, you aren’t perceived as an equal to someone who has great speaking skills.

  • Createthe non-verbal techniques to immediately gain attention and credibility
  • Speakwith authority no matter who the audience
  • Energizeany group
  • Handlequestions, interruptions and disagreements with ease
  • Gainconfidence in any situation
  • Buildrapport with any group
  • Knowhow to handle nerves and appear confident

The Art of Being Assertive – Getting What you Want While Still Being Nice

As astonishing as it is, highly successful men and women have major issues with being effectively assertive. Reasons vary, but whether it is due to conditioning (good managers are likable and agreeable) or perception (if I ask for what I need or disagree I’ll appear pushy and uncooperative) there are enormous problems caused by an inability to speak up, stand up for what one needs and communicate disagreement and challenges.

  • Overcome obstacles/adversitiesthrough a resilient mindset; feeding the positive
  • Maintain confidence, especially during periods of doubt
  • Monitor and change beliefsthat don’t support success
  • Anticipate setbacksand strengthen skills to bounce back
  • Be assertivewithout alienating others
  • Realize perception is realityand model how you want others to see you
  • Ask when you don’t knowand say no with credibility

Communicating Effectively Anytime and Anywhere

George Bernard Shaw said the biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place. Just because we communicate, it doesn’t mean our message has been understood. Being an effective communicator is vitally important, and the program focuses on several key components of effective communication:

  • Understand how others perceive youand make adjustments.  This uses the tenets of Emotional Intelligence, and is a must for smart communicators.
  • Mirror and match others’ non-verbal communication, which is key in strengthening relationships and effective listening. Learning how to mirror, (reflect back) and pace (replicate rhythm, energy, volume, breathing, etc.), and the nuances and importance of tone is crucial in understanding the meaning of what is being said.
  • Read others’ behavior styles. In order to build rapport and generate trust more efficiently it is imperative we understand how people need to be treated, and this is done by assessing their learning styles.
  • Leverage the power of dynamic listening.On average more than 70% of what we hear we forget within 24 hours, which menas we waste a lot of time forgetting what we’ve heard. Effective listening is comprised of several skill sets including asking for clarification “Let me be sure I understand what you mean,” reflective listening, targeted listening techniques and reclaiming the attention when people are just not listening.












Jennifer Webb has an intriguing, engaging manner of presenting information. Participants of all ages and experience will become actively involved in learning new approaches within minutes of her introduction.
– Virginia Mee - Faculty Director / Drury University
Jennifer’s message is so powerful that triggered a profound desire in me, to question and change those beliefs that prevent me from being a better and more successful person.
– Hector Rene Diaz Saenz - Professor of Leadership / EGADE Business School
Jennifer Webb was a perfect facilitator and presenter for a group of 10 of us who have ‘seen and done it all’ in the professional development industry. Her magic was much more than just entertainment – it demonstrated the points she made about Change Management and how our own perceptions can impact our ability to move forward. Thank you, Jennifer! You really had the pulse of the group.
– Candace Cox
Toastmasters has given me to courage to get up and speak . . . but you helped me to add the (much) needed pizazz!
– Lorraine Burton - attendee of Jennifer's Speak Lime a Pro Workshop

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