James Mapes is truly the embodiment of the Renaissance man: speaker, performer, coach, philosopher, clinical hypnotist, actor and writer.

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James Mapes is truly the embodiment of the Renaissance man: speaker, performer, coach, philosopher, clinical hypnotist, actor and writer. He delivers a message of unlimited possibilities, passion, love, fun and adventure. Mapes is a living example of the creativity of the human mind at work and his mission is to entertain and educate others to become masters of their own imagination!

James is a leading authority on the psychology of applied imagination, creativity, wellness, peak performance and leadership. He is the founder The Quantum Leap Thinking Organization and the creator of the Transformational Coach.

As a recognized business speaker and performance coach, James has spoken to hundreds of public and private companies in more than 70 countries. His clients include financial institutions, software companies, the military, the healthcare industry, financial institutions, training and development divisions of large corporations and major non-profit organizations. Companies, associations, universities and business schools including – IBM Corporate, U.S. Coast Guard, Lockheed Martin and The Princeton Center for Leadership Training – have quoted Mapes in training manuals and textbooks.

In addition, his one-man hypnosis show, “Journey into the Imagination” and his mind-magic show “Master of the Imagination” have been presented at theatres, universities, Broadway and at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

Mapes’ programs, IMAGINE THAT!: Igniting your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance, MIND OVER BODY: Harnessing Vision to Create a Wellness Strategy and TRUE LEADERSHIP: The Neuroscience of Effective Leaders have be presented in more than 70 countries.

His best-selling book, “Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owners’ Guide to the Mind” has been published in ten languages.

His newest book, “IMAGINE THAT: Igniting your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance” was released Oct. 4, 2016

James Mapes presentations are personal, interactive and humorous. Above all, he creates results and makes a lasting difference in the energy level, commitment and productivity of each individual in his audience.

MIND OVER BODY: Harness Vision to Create a Wellness Strategy

Become a partner in your own wellness. Studies prove that how we think impacts our health. Not only have mind/body techniques become a vital part of integrative medicine, they have also presented us with limitless possibilities on creativity, innovation, motivation and leadership.

In James Mapes’ cutting-edge, interactive program, participants gain a clear understanding of how the brain works and the importance of communication to create positive expectations. They learn how to influence the subconscious with optimistic, affirmative suggestions, enabling them to look at their life and work with “new eyes.” They leave the program armed with practical strategies and valuable tools to control what can be controlled and let go of the rest.

The attendees will leave this thought-provoking and inspiring program having learned:

  • The mechanics of conscious and subconscious thinking, how the brain works and the importance of focus.
  • How to apply mental imagery to reduce anxiety and spark creativity.
  • How to create and communicate a clear, realistic, emotionally-charged vision to inspire wellness and create positive outcomes.
  • How to meditate in five minutes for mindfulness.
  • How to recognize and break through the fear that impedes creativity, motivation and healing.
  • How to “reframe” negative thinking to instill hope and confidence.

In MIND OVER BODY, James integrates more than three decades of experience as a speaker on creativity and leadership, performance coach, medical facilitator for pre-surgery patients, and clinical hypnotist. He draws from the latest research in brain science as well as lessons learned from his own open-heart surgery. James projects amazing positive energy and is passionate about educating everyone about the elegance of the imagination and the incredible power of the human mind and spirit.

This presentation can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs as either a keynote or workshop.

IMAGINE THAT! Ignite Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance

James Mapes, the leading authority on the psychology of “applied imagination” demonstrates that exceptional individuals in all walks of life are distinguished by their capability to think creatively and perceive new opportunities for innovation. The audience leaves this thought-provoking, fascinating and inspiring journey having learned: How to apply their imagination to achieve extreme success, how to craft a compelling, emotional, realistic and persuasive future vision, how to recognize and break through “illusory’ fears, how to use core values to unlock motivation and propel action and how to manage change for growth through visualization. James captures and holds the audience’s attention with dynamic, compelling stories and demonstrations that leave no doubt – “you can achieve what you imagine.”

TRUE LEADERSHIP: The Neuroscience of Effective Leaders

In this provocative, challenging, lively and interactive presentation, renowned “evangelist of the imagination,” brain researcher, break-through thinking coach and best-selling author, James Mapes, incorporates his legendary humor and an array of audience exercises to reveal: The five ‘culturally and morally neutral’ traits of all successful leaders, why morality, a nice disposition and power do not necessarily make a great leader, a guide to transform and enhance their personal leadership style, and how to craft an emotionally charged, clearly compelling and realistic future vision.

James was extraordinary in his presentation on the Quantum Leap Roadmap for Healing and Success sponsored by the Katonah Study Group for Alternative Medicine, a group consisting of alternative health professionals. Through personal stories, clinical anecdotes and lots of experiential exercises intertwined with a lot of laughter, James got his point across on the healing power of the mind and imagination. The group of over sixty people left with many tools for personal development, healing and happiness. Thank you for a great presentation James.
– Penny Cohen - Member of Board of Directors Katonah Study Group for Alternative Medicine
James Mapes' program, IMAGINE THAT! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance is a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Not only did he amaze our group with his incredible demonstrations of "mind magic," he presented solid information and take-away's about visualization, motivation and change. James is a master showman. I would be happy to recommend him.
– Karen Haas - MPI Westfield, NY, Director / Professional Development
Everyone enjoyed James' Keynote very much. It was thought provoking and engaging. Also, everyone appreciated spending time with him for cocktails and dinner.
– Clarity Software - Steve Mongelli / Chief Revenue Officer
On behalf of our entire Management Committee I want to thank you for a wonderful presentation last week. It's not easy to energize a large group when you have people from all over the country, all different backgrounds and vastly different business experience. You did a great job getting everybody engaged and keeping their focus and attention for the entire hour. The feedback on your session was so well received we just ordered 75 of your books to send to everybody on our Management Committee. Thanks again and I'll look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
– Duke Realty, James B. Connor, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Our audience really enjoyed your presentation! Feedback I received included; really enjoyable, interesting perspective, out of the box, I never thought of it that way, etc.
– Duke Realty, Vicki Bronson - Vice President/Marketing
You did a great thing today to awaken myself and everyone else in the room. It was great to see one of my all-time favorites in action again. Your scores were excellent and nothing but excellent feedback. Your stories are fantastic and I appreciate you sharing them with me.
– Dale Carnegie Tampa Bay, Rick Gallegos - President/CEO

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