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“What It Takes To Be Extraordinary”

Eric Saperston has spent the last 25 years cold-calling world leaders, business tycoons, entertainment icons, visionaries and pioneers, taking them out for a cup of coffee to discover the common traits, motivating factors and guiding principles which enable everyday people to produce extraordinary results.

Top organizations like Gartner, Nike, ADP, Coca-Cola, Modelez, SAP, The Million Dollar Roundtable, Orangetheory Fitness and Walt Disney Studios all have sought out Eric Saperston for his uncanny ability to captivate a room.

Eric uses his consulting team of business, culture and communication experts to collaborate with your organization. This process sets Eric apart from other speakers. The outcome is a highly customized keynote presentation that speaks directly to your unique corporate culture, offers real time solutions to real time problems, and leaves your audience inspired to produce extraordinary results.


Who hasn’t dreamed of jumping behind the wheel of their favorite vehicle and setting off an epic adventure? Eric Saperston did just that ands soon discovered he was no long taking the trip.

The trip was taking him.

The character’s in Eric’s story: an old VW bus, a fun loving dog, and a road full of possibilities.

His higher purpose: to call up some of the most powerful people in the world and take them out for a cup of coffee. The reason: to find out the values they live by, the struggles they’ve endured and what advice and counsel they would give other’s to better prepare themselves for the road ahead. What he discovered: the people who get up excited and go to bed fulfilled and live extraordinary lives for decades are the one’s who live in wonder.

Eric’s story is a universal gettable and his journey is accessible to everyone. In his keynote, he is not the hero, everyone else is.


Captivating your audience and speaking directly to your organization’s unique needs, then delivering a message that uplifts your culture and propels our people to produce extraordinary results is our highest intention.

Audiences know when a speaker has done their homework. This is why it is imperative our team understands your living organizational culture, the current challenges you are facing, the stories and language you are using to describe your phenomenon, your long term vision, and the immediate objectives your organization is committed to achieving.

In our experience, when a presenter can speak meaningfully to the unique nuances of your business and the important role your people play in your organizational community, this activates a greater sense of listening. fulfills a humanistic need to be acknowledged and appreciated, and ultimately creates a deeper sense of individual commitment to the organization’s higher purpose.

  • What it takes to be extraordinary, is having answers to questions like:
  • What separates those who achieve from those that do not?
  • How is the story I’m telling impacting my performance?
  • How is my work in alignment with my organization’s higher purpose?
  • Am I approaching my life and work with a sense of wonder?
  • How do I uplift everyone around me in times of great uncertainty?

No adversity, no misalignment, no lack of communication, no unfavorable market conditions stopped those who achieved legendary success. Be extraordinary!


After the applause fades, the lights go out and Eric leaves the stage, for us the show is not over.

We never rush away to the next engagement.

Giving a talk for an hour can offer significant breakthroughs. However, what we have seen time and time again is by making ourselves available after the talk to engage with attendees out by the pool, at dinner, when signing books, or even between floors in the elevator; it is often these conversations that make a profound difference in people’s lives and help the businesses they support become even more extraordinary.


Because of our rigorous approach to creating and producing extraordinary keynote presentations that are of maximum benefit to our clients, we only agree to a limited number of engagements per years and only work with organizations that are, or have a strong desire to be, at the forefront of their industry. When a keynote presentation like this resonates with you and your team, please call on our team.

Eric blew us away. Standing ovation. It was clear to everyone that he did his homework and weaved in poignant messages that were uniquely important for our community. The crowd loved him for it. If you get the chance to hire Eric Saperston to speak at your event, do it! We did and he offered insightful take-a-ways and great leadership lessons that made a profound difference for our organization.
– Eugene Hall, Chief Executive Director, Gartner
Your expertly crafted message speaking directly to the demands of innovation and collaboration reached right into everyone’s hearts. We left the meeting a changed and re-energized organization with a clear focus and mission to “change the world of packaging” at General Mills. Thank you for your enthusiasm, creativity and passion. I really look forward to our next engagement—this wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. You were fantastic!
– Jay Gouliard, Vice President, General Mills
What really blew us away was after Eric’s keynote, in the lobby, on the way to dinner, in the elevator, and everywhere we looked, we saw Eric and his team surrounded by conference attendees, listening to their stories and answering their questions. Eric and his teammates welcomed every encounter and took time to individually connect with each person, listening to their stories, and helping them integrate what they have learned. Eric’s team took an already great experience and made it even more meaningful, for everyone. Hire these guys. They’re wonderful!
– David Long, Founder, Orangetheory Fitness

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