Dominick Quartuccio is an international speaker, author, mentor and 15 year-veteran of the healthcare (CIGNA), insurance and financial services (Prudential) industries.

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Quick Facts About Me

90 Day Radical Sabbatical.

After leaving a wonderful 15-year career with Prudential Financial, I took a 90-day radical sabbatical around the world before launching this new career. I spent 0 of the 90 days working. Instead, I explored, played, rested, adventured and expanded my perspective.

Books With Perspective.

I read roughly 25 books cover to cover every year. In 2016, after realizing that 95% of the books I’d read were written by white men…I realized how limiting this was on my own perspective. I now make sure that 50% of the authors I read are non-white men.

Pancakes, Burritos and Coffee.

These are my vices. I’m very mindful of how I fuel my body, but when it comes to these three..back off. 😉

10 Days in Silence.

In March of 2016, during my 90-day Raddical Sabbatical, I did a Vipassana meditation retreat, which involves 10 days in complete silence. No talking, reading, writing, exercising or sexual activity (with self or others). During those 10 days, I meditated for 14-16 hours a day. It has forever changed my life.

150,000 Miles.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I flew roughly 150,000 miles each year. After 15 years in a domestic-based job, it was time for me to see the world. You can check out some of my travel adventures in the videos below.

My Family.

Here’s all you need to know about my family: When I take the train home from NYC to New Jersey, my mother, father and sister are always waiting on the platform for me with ear-to-ear smiles and open arms. Every. Single. Time.

As a woman leading a movement dedicated to supercharging the superpowers of women through financial literacy, its so refreshing to find a conscious and heart-centered man who cares deeply about helping women thrive in business. Dominick engaged with our community in such a way that they’ve literally begged me to have him back.
– Jennifer Love / Visionary CEO - ONE MORE WOMAN
Dominick was an engaging and exciting speaker who connected his message to our audience perfectly. I would highly recommend Dom to any group looking for a speaker who emotionally connects while educating through research, stories and common sense.
– Harris M. Gignilliat Senior / Vice President - Wealth Management - UBS
Dominick was the Keynote at our annual retirement industry thought leadership symposium – comprising CEO’s and/or P&L owners of the most prominent retirement ecosystem businesses. His self-reflections on how to regain control of their lives versus being slave to their cell phones, iPads, and smart watches blew this high-powered crowd away. A rare combination of the charisma and passion of a Tony Robbins with the attributable research of a social science dissertation. Can’t wait to have him back.
– Robert J. Bernstein / Co-founder | Senior Managing Director of - Envestnet Retirement Solutions
Dominick was a STAR at our 4-day international summit in Dubai. He was all the buzz during dinners and breaks. He absolutely nailed his message and it resonated with our clients from all over Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, the U.S and the UAE. It’s a rare moment when people put down their phones for an entire hour...our audience couldn’t take their eyes off of him!
– Sylvia Alvariño Director Americas / Multinational Benefit Associates - dba INSUROPE

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