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From childhood to Olympics, from expert Martial Artist to Hollywood Stuntwoman, Dana Hee has faced and conquered extreme fear on many different levels. Along the way, she discovered how to succeed despite her fears, a low self-esteem, and an “I can’t” attitude.

In the process, she overcame a troubled childhood of abuse, suicide, abandonment, and living in an orphanage, the streets, halfway houses, Government Shelter, and a foster home. As a new competitor and underdog to the dangerous full-contact sport of Tae-kwon-do, she pushed herself from her first tournament to Olympic Gold in only three years. The next thirteen years, she confronted her inner demons by facing her fears head on, upside down, or backward as a top Hollywood Stuntwoman. She even became an experienced Actress despite her fears of failure and public humiliation. Today, conquering that old fear of change, she has moved back into the business world as a Professional Speaker.

So, how did she do it? How did she go from ground zero to zero fear? That’s what she has vowed to impart to her audiences. She enjoys sharing her secrets of success, delivering her guidelines and tools with anecdotes and video clips from her extraordinary life.

What can Dana Hee do for you and your company? Ask her. She tailors her presentations to fit the needs and goals of her clients. From Key Note, and “Breakout Sessions,” to Seminars, she focuses on “The Power Within,” “Overcoming Fears That Interfere,” “Learning to Capitalize on the Moment,” and adopting an “I Can!” attitude, she utilizes her experiences and Martial Art background to make a powerful and inspirational impression on her audiences. With her stories of full-contact fighting, Olympic dreams, the tragedies and triumphs of life, car hits, and stair falls, her words can inspire the most discouraged soul and motivate the complacent and work-weary.

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