Bob Davies is the author of seven audio cassette learning albums and two books, “The Sky Is Not The Limit-You Are!” and “Coaching For High Performance”. He has a professional demo video which highlights many of his keynote presentations. He has an extensive client lists of satisfied customers and several testimonials are included. Virtually every company that hears Bob speak, wants to implement his materials.

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Since 1983, Bob Davies has used his considerable personal and professional experience as a leader to help people around the country become more confident and more productive . As a keynote speaker, author, trainer and coach, Mr. Davies has drawn upon the lessons he has accumulated, from his humble childhood roots to his successful career as a college football coach, in order to develop a system for improving lives based on clarity, focus and accountability.Mr. Davies holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Springfield College. As a graduate assistant wrestling and football coach for Springfield, Mr. Davies worked with Jeff Blatnick, an athlete who would later win an Olympic gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling. Bob will show your audience how to “disrupt and innovate themselves” and why they should! We live in such a fast paced and fast changing world that it’s time to learn how to reinvent the habits that you’ll need to lead yourself and others to have a fulfilled and productive life!

That’s what Bob will help your audience to do with actionable ideas that are simple and easily implemented in their health, business and personal lives. He will do this in a way that has never been done before with a blend of neuro-hacks, best practices of the elite and fast pace with humor! It will be fun! After completing his graduate studies, he was hired as the head football and wrestling coach at the California Institute of Technology. During his time at Cal Tech, he also worked as a researcher, studying the work of Nobel Prize-winning Neuropsychologist Roger Sperry, whose work on split brain research has been highly influential in the development of techniques for elite performance. Bob continued to develop his coaching methodologies by researching a number of elite scientists in the field of human behavior, whose works helped to inspire his motivational techniques. After leaving Cal Tech in 1979, he accepted a position as an Assistant Coach of the California State University Fullerton football team.

The CSUF team’s schedule was full of opposing teams that were composed of more talented athletes. The only chance Mr. Davies and the other coaches had of overcoming this disparity of expertise was to harness every drop of potential from their own players. As a staff, the coaches developed a template that would enable average athletes to perform at peak levels. That template would propel the CSUF team to two unlikely championships and continued to be used by Mr. Davies’ colleagues, including NFL coach and broadcaster Steve Mariucci, Rich Ellerson, former head coach at Army and Richard Smith, 35+ years as an NFL assistant coach. Using his coaching background and academic studies, Mr. Davies has studied and formed systems around strategic planning, time accountability, tracking, and creating systems that enable individuals to tap into the highest level of their potential. Mr. Davies’ success in football is not the lone source of the wisdom that he brings to his audiences. He has overcome a number of challenges that have taught him valuable lessons that can be applied to anyone’s personal or professional life. Growing up in poverty with a single parent presented a serious hurdle that required immense motivation to overcome.

The process of breaking free from his “poverty mentality” in order to reach his goals in business, health, and personal life plays a central role in his keynotes. Mr. Davies has also conquered a fear of heights by becoming an avid skydiver and pilot. He has been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and taught himself to achieve a heightened level of focus to subdue the disorder. In addition to his academic education and professional career, Mr. Davies has established an expertise in his field by developing a comprehensive set of relevant skills. He is a former practicing hypnotherapist, and he holds the highest credential available in the field of certified personal and professional coaching, Master Certified Coach. He has served on the board of the International Coaches Federation, the governing body for coaches, and previously served on the “ARC” committee, which certifies candidate credentials. Bob is married to Jenifer and has three children, three dogs, is an instrument rated pilot and has the highest license in the sport of skydiving with over 2000 jumps despite having a fear of heights.

I had great positive feedback on your presentation. The branches enjoyed the variety and commented on your extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. They enjoyed your speed talk with all the mortgage terminology.
– Kathy Hodge Allied Home Mortgage
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your participation in our recent franchisee convention. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to prepare and to deliver such a great session. The franchisee feedback on the session have been very positive and your participation obviously helped to make this convention an overwhelming success.
– Ken Moran Vice President of Operation Rita's Water Ice
After exhaustive research and multiple interviews with potential guest speakers, we hired Bob Davies to speak at our annual company meeting in February 2009. As a construction firm, we have a wide ranging audience from field personnel to back-office staff to executive management, so the challenge was to identify a speaker that could connect with all levels of the organization. Mr. Davies spent time with us up front to customize his presentation and was extremely well prepared. He brought a high level of energy combined with humor and, most importantly, was able to relay relevant and impactful content. Our Executive Management team was very pleased with Bob's performance and we would definitely hire him again to speak to our organization.
– Lee Myhre Marketing Directior Top Grade Construction
You spoke to a seasoned audience that has heard plenty of tips about time management, goal setting, and how to be more successful. What you provided was clearly another level beyond that! I can tell you that we will be bringing you back - 100% for sure!
– Ken Woods, eFinity VP
Bob, What a great job you did!!! You have a unique ability to combine strong content with a sense of humor that keeps them smiling while they take pages of notes. I had nothing but great feedback from your session and I appreciate everything you did to make our conference a success. I am so glad you were our Tuesday Keynote speaker.
– Salvatore M. Capizzi - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc.

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