Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA has an extensive background in the meeting and hospitality industry, serving in executive level positions for corporations, associations and non-profits.

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Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA has an extensive background in the meeting and hospitality industry, serving in executive level positions for corporations, associations and non-profits. Since 1995, she has also taught at several universities and is currently Program Advisor for San Diego State University’s Meeting and Event Certificate Program, one of the most successful professional programs in the university’s history. Annette has delivered hundreds of keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics such as communication skills, branding and marketing, negotiation, and professional development. IN addition to being recognized with dozens of professional awards, she was elected Instructor of the Year at San Diego State University, and inducted into the Center for Business Intelligence’s Circle of Excellence for her training and speaking. Her company- Difference Makers Consulting – focuses on elevating the attendee experience and developing women in business to reach new heights of success.

General Interest:

  • The Power of Curiosity
  • Conquering Unconscious Bias
  • For Women Only: Increasing Your Influence
  • Top Communication Pitfalls
  • Leveraging your Personal Brand
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Intelligence and the Power of Positive Thinking
  • Effective Networking and Resumé Building
  • Influence, Sales, and Negotiation Skills
  • Rebounding and Managing Change
  • The Three Things Sabotaging Your Career
  • Asking Better Questions and Cultivating Intellectual Curiosity
  • Increasing Your Efficiency: Time Management and Prioritization


 For Salespeople and Account Management:

  • Reinventing the Cold Call
  • The Five Things You Need to Know about Your Corporate Client
  • Understanding Your Client: Empathy Mapping
  • Experience Design – Taking Your Clients’ Events to a New Level
  • Bringing Effective Learning to Your Clients: Innovative Content Delivery

For Meeting and Conference Organizers:

  • More Effective Learning: Elevating Content Delivery and Meeting Design
  • Succeeding at Stakeholder Management
  • Mapping KPIs and ROI to Conferences
  • Understanding Your Attendees: Empathy Mapping
  • Experience Design – Taking Your Events to a New Level
  • Creating Powerful Sponsorship Packages
  • Segmenting Your Audience for Marketing and Content Strategies
  • Creating Content Review Processes and Learning Tracks

For Team Leaders:

  • Team Structure and Resource Allocation
  • Team Development and Career Pathing
  • Company Team Building and Retreat Planning and Facilitation

So thankful for this class. I feel empowered, inspired, and ready to make my dreams a reality. Annette is an incredible teacher with so much knowledge to share.
– Audience Testimonial
She is amazing! Passionate, clear about what is meant to be accomplished in the course, and uses wonderful group exercises to put the concepts into action!
– Audience Testimonial
Annette is one of my favorite instructors! She has an amazing way with words, examples and a personality that makes you feel good about yourself even if you aren’t advanced in a particular field.
– Audience Testimonial
This was an amazing class and I truly felt that I have gained tremendous insight for my personal and professional life. I cannot thank you enough!
– Audience Testimonial
Very motivational– Annette’s attitude and charisma makes it easy to stay engaged!
– Audience Testimonial

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