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Jha Amishi

Neuroscientist, Researcher, Associate Professor, University of Miami

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John Ayo

John is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert, sales specialist and author.

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Cara E. Yar Khan

At age 30, in the first decade of her humanitarian career with the United Nations, Cara was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting disease (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy - HIBM) that leads to ...

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Amy Jo Martin

Amy Jo is a New York Times best-selling author, she has a social media following of more than a million and she speaks around the globe on the topics of Innovation, Personal Branding, Leadership an...

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Doug Lynam

Profiled in numerous media outlets such as the New York Times, Kiplinger’s, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and The Street, Doug brings a unique perspective to the world of finance.

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Phil Hansen

For the tens of millions who have seen Phil's art on TV and online, it's hard to imagine that his artistic journey nearly came to an end when a tremor developed in his drawing hand. In exploring ne...

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Julie Austin

Julie Austin is an award-winning author, inventor, futurist, and innovation keynote speaker.

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