Tom Faranda

For 30 years Tom Faranda has been accurately forecasting the what, where, when, why and how of significant global business events that will happen in the next ten years and how to profit from it.


Manufacturing, Technology


Future, Global Economics, International Affairs, International Business

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People who hear Tom speak benefit personally and professionally.  In a very exciting way, he helps them understand the world and how they can create their own strategy for success as well as improve their corporate bottom-line. His examples and humor are legendary which is one reason Meetings & Conventions Magazine named him 'one of the most exciting speakers in America."

Tom forecasted the economic rise and fall of Japan, the rise and (coming) fall of the European Union and euro, the rise and (coming) fall of China, the dissolution of the USSR, the Canadian and Australian economic and currency fluctuations, and many other significant global trends and events.

    Few speakers have the senior executive, and government connections, needed to source and create his accurate and profitable forecasts.

     Tom's style is fast-paced and compelling. His global examples, bottom-line techniques, stories, and humor create a gratifying experience that motivates leaders to use his strategies for growth and profit in the global arena.

    While rare these days, he welcomes Q&A at the end of his programs, when asked to do so.

   "The Next Ten Years" Gets Rave Reviews

"Your ideas on technology and making money are fantastic." –Intel, USA and Europe

 "You gave our customers pearls of wisdom they can use. You were a great hit!" –IBM, Europe

 "You presented a great keynote. We want you back next year!" –CEFCO, China

 "Your consulting in our medical and engineering divisions on five continents was outstanding." – Siemens AG, Germany

 "The senior executives of India will never forget your insights on how to grow their businesses." –Creative Communications, India

 "Tom is an outstanding speaker–the most knowledgeable on the global marketplace I have ever listened to. He did a fantastic job!" –Affinia Group, USA and Venezuela

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