T. Scott Gross

author Positively Outrageous Service, entrepreneur, former city mayor pro tem, world-class storyteller, former franchisee and franchisor


Healthcare/Medical, Hospitality


Branding, Customer Service, Leadership, Peak Performance, Retail, Teamwork/Teambuilding

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T. Scott Gross is more than a writer who speaks; he literally has been there and done that!

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Gross started from the bottom, literally from the business end of a pot sink! His credibility from his years in that industry has earned him the respect of audiences everywhere as an entrepreneur who knows what it's like to make payroll every Friday.

Best known for his first book, Positively Outrageous Service, now in its second edition, with over 200,000 copies in circulation world-wide in a multitude of languages, Scott continues to delight audiences with his subtle humor, masterful storytelling and take-home value, challenging his audiences to make work fun. His subsequent books, 13 in all, validate the need¿¿¿and rewards¿¿¿of delivering a customer service experience so positive that your customers become your best marketing tool.

Scott's client list is as diverse as the Fortune 500, including such respected companies as Southwest Airlines, Ford, and WalMart. Presenting to audiences from as small as six to over 3,000, Scott has seen his audiences change from Boomers and Traditionals to a majority of Millennials, those who were born after the digital age began. Studying this generation and, in his subsequent book Invisible…How Millennials Are Changing the Way We Sell, Scott believes the Millennials will “lead us where we should have already gone!”

On a personal level, Scott considers himself just a regular guy who loves his family and cares for his community. His accomplishments include being an EMT first responder—having made over 280 emergency runs… an instrument-rated pilot—with over 3,700 flight hours… a certified wild land firefighter... AND a former city councilman, including a term as mayor pro tem... all while continuing to write books, blog, and speak. But Gross admits his favorite titles are Pops, Dad, and Tiger.

Scott intends to always be current, always be relevant, and in pilot terms, live like his tail's on fire!


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