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First woman from North America to climb Mt. Everest


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In 1986, Sharon Wood became the first North American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. She has acquired over twenty years of experience as a professional and elite climber. In addition to climbing Mount Everest, she has successfully climbed numerous other 20,000-foot-plus peaks.

Since climbing Mount Everest, Sharon has addressed hundreds of groups worldwide as a keynote speaker. Her presentation is a compelling, true story about beating the odds. She speaks about meeting that challenge, and about the associated struggles and gains that closely parallel those of most striving individuals and organizations. Through her personal disclosure of confronting and overcoming challenges and fears, she succeeds in using the imposing example of climbing the highest mountain in the world to provide her audiences with a tangible means of grasping the essence of her story - living and working closer to our potential.

Sharon's dedication to the pursuit of our potential was also expressed in her service as founder and chairperson of a fully accredited, non-denominational private school in her hometown of Canmore, Alberta. 

- 1987 - Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree by the University of Calgary
- l986 - Appointed to the Honor Roll for Outstanding Achievement by MacLean's magazine
- l986 - Awarded the inaugural "Tenzing Norgay Award" as "Professional Mountaineer of the Year," from the American Alpine Club and New York Explorer's Club
- l997 - Awarded the "The Summit of Excellence Award", by the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture
- l998 - Awarded "The Meritorious Service Medal" by the Governor General of Canada
- Mother of two sons, Robin and Daniel

Everest: To the Summit and Beyond
Sharon Wood is the first North American woman to climb Mount Everest and the only woman to do so by a new route and without Sherpa assistance.

Sharon teaches, entertains and inspires with her story of climbing Mount Everest by a new and more difficult route, with fewer resources and, in good style. Good style in the world of elite high altitude climbing is all about accomplishing more with less.

Her story is a testimonial to rendering the impossible possible through exemplary teamwork, leadership and personal spirit. It is a story about ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. Sharon effectively conveys both the individual and the team perspective by stressing the importance of her own passion and dreams while fulfilling a role as a member of a team. A team committed to levering every component of their strategy to realize a shared vision.

Sharon's style is personal and moving. She uses powerful anecdotes and vivid analogies to convey the elements that parallel the challenges of striving individuals and organizations. Sharon's authentic, humorous and humble approach evokes listeners to consider the value of their own stories and reflect upon the resources and opportunities that foster personal and team success.

"Everest - To the Summit and Beyond" is more than just an adventure story, it is a timeless, universal story about human struggle and triumph over adversity. For anyone wanting to be more effective in his or her work or life, Sharon's story is a powerful inspiration.

Stunning PowerPoint images and video taken live from the highest mountain on earth support her presentation.

Sharon tailors each presentation to the focus of the audience.

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