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There is no one more qualified to talk about the importance of creating compelling experiences in today's business environment as Scott McKain.


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There is no one more qualified to talk about the importance of creating compelling experiences in today's business environment as Scott McKain.

His viewpoint is the result of a tremendously successful business career and three decades of broadcasting experience -- combined with over 2,000 speeches and seminars to the world's most influential corporations over the past twenty years.

In addition, his experience interacting with today's most successful business leaders and personal interviews with the world's top celebrities have given Scott the unique perspective necessary to develop his distinctive business philosophy: "ALL Business is Show Business?".

ALL Business Is Show Business

The revolutionary program that clearly develops strategies for earning standing ovations from your customers and employees!

ALL Business is Show Business creates compelling experiences through an effective three-step plan:

1. Create a "High Concept" to sharpen your focus on your unique strengths.

2. Use the "Power of Story" to create an emotional connection between you and your customers and employees.

3. Design the "Ultimate Customer Experience" that will amaze, astound and thrill your customers and employees.

These ideas are behind the growth of the company Scott serves as Vice Chairman - Obsidian Enterprises, Inc. - that started just a few years ago with a small investment and is now a public company with over $100 million in sales. These concepts are not just theories - they work!


ALL Business is Show Business - The total philosophy Scott McKain's "ALL Business is Show Business?" is a total business philosophy that impacts how your organization can be more effective as you sell and serve your customer - and as you manage and motivate employees.

It is difficult to keep up and thrive during these changing times. With experience in both business and entertainment, Scott McKain has developed a unique concept. ALL businesses need to apply the techniques used by show business in order to create compelling experiences in today's culture.

The qualities needed to establish leadership in the field of sales have changed. Scott McKain, one of the nation's leading communicators and member of the Professional Speaker's Hall of Fame has developed the unique doctrine that will show you how.

Customer Service
In today's marketplace, a quality product or service is no longer enough to grab the customer's attention or guarantee repeat business. Customers now demand to be knocked out, amazed and astounded -- every time they do business with you -- or they will do business elsewhere! Leadership Directors on the set are responsible for "calling the shots." Yet, they also must integrate the differing personality styles and interests of people as varied as the actors to the technicians. A similar challenge is apparent in today's business culture. How do you get your people to execute the vision? This program will show you how? Communication Strategies Overnight delivery, fax, email, video conferencing and Internet, all important means of communication in today's high-tech world. However frequently, good old-fashioned, verbal communication falls by the wayside and we fail to get our message across. In this fun, yet informative presentation, Scott takes a look at how we communicate and why we often don't communicate as well as we might think!

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