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Saul Blinkoff delivers a big energy, motivating, extremely inspiring talk that is not only jam packed with practical tools for success, but also has a depth of finding meaning and fulfillment in all aspects of life!


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Inspiration, Inspirational, Motivational/Inspirational, Animator, Director

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Saul Blinkoff is an accomplished director/animator who has worked for many high profile clients including; DISNEY, NETFLIX, MTV, AMAZON, MERCEDES BENZ & MATTEL. He started his career animating on the hit DISNEY films Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Tarzan and went on to direct, Winnie the Pooh Springtime With Roo, Kronks New Groove and was a director on the hit DISNEY show Doc McStuffins. Saul has consulted for animation studios internationally in Tel Aviv, Toronto, Seoul, Dublin, Vancouver & China. Currently Saul is directing the upcoming show LLAMA LLAMA starring Jennifer Garner for NETFLIX.

In addition, Saul is one of the most sought out speakers in the world right now, giving inspiring and empowering talks for countless organizations, students, young professionals, multi-generational families, and all types of businesses for leadership and development conferences.

Saul incorporates in his ability to maintain and balance a strong identity and character with a successful Hollywood directing career. Saul lives in Los Angeles with his wife Marion and their four children.

Saul has the ability and a special gift to entertain, empower and make a strong impact and impression on audiences of ALL sizes, ALL ages, ALL backgrounds, ALL industries.

Saul is looking for new representation to help extend and expand his reach of audiences, we are exploring our options, your agency inspired us to reach out.

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