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WHAT I DO: I make conference meetings positively unforgettable by delivering artistic and inspirational speeches that achieve new levels of excellence, enthusiasm, and engagement. (...ask anyone!)


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If you are looking for a customized motivational speech that gets the highest reviews from your attendees...we can help make that happen.  ( ....Ask anyone!) 

We are awesome to work with from start to finish.  

If you have any questions about how my presentation would be a good fit for your event, contact our office:  Danielle Thomas | 

For the past 25 years, I have spoken to every industry you can imagine on the topic of attitude, engagement, optimism, leadership and success.  You may have never heard of me and for a good reason -- our return client base is 78% every year - one of the highest for a keynote speaker. When you do an excellent job - which is our #1 priority, you become unforgettable. Excellence is always unforgettable. My goal is to create an experience so unforgettable for my clients, that they are still alking about and impacted by it 20+ years from now. 

If you are looking for a homerun presentation, we would love to work with you and learn more about your group and how we can rekindle enthusiasm, boost engagement and raise the level of excellence in your organization. 

What also makes my presentation very unique is I paint while I speak.  It's not speed painting or a big mess.  I create an engaging experience by painting an original inspirational painting that will reflect the speech and belong to your group at the end of my performance. 



" Sam Glenn's presentation exceeded our expectations. We knew he'd bring humor and information on having a more positive attitude, but when he tied it with his painting it left everyone in awe. It was something our attendees never expected, and they were engaged from. If you want to offer something completely original and motivational, book Sam Glenn."
- Idaho Association of School Administrators



When you hire Sam, he will work with you to learn about your event and meeting objectives and create  key learning  points revolve around these learning points:
1. Finding the message, meaning, and masterpiece in life's messes.
2. Everything changes, but being human to others will never go out of style.
3. The attitude we demonstrate others will replicate.
4. How to be a real-life superhero without a mask or a cape.
5. Why humor creates a more positive and healthy workplace culture.
6. How to avoid an attitude bankruptcy.
7. How to measure and add more enthusiasm to your workplace.
8. Leaders are learners and choose to get better every day.
9. Culture is a reflection of leadership.
10. Recognition is the result of the right people doing the right things with the right attitude.
11. Our attitude is the author of stories that people will replay, remember and share with author a great story.

Contact us to transform your next meeting into an experience that inspires, fuels purpose and rekindles that beautiful spark of enthusiasm.

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