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I have an amazing RECIPE for ENTHUSIASM | ENERGY | & ENGAGEMENT (My customized speeches create an experience of learning, laughter, recognition, empowerment, leadership, and inspiration.)


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If you have any questions about my content or if my presentation would be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me or my booking manager, Danielle Thomas. We are very responsive, easy to work with and don't do hard sells.

We will happily answer any questions you have and ensure it's a win/win fit.

My customized speeches are mental fuel for those who believe in the power of attitude. 

When I accidentally knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar at a buffet years ago, I wasn't the most positive person in the world. I didn't have a very high appraisal of attitude.  My friendship with Zig changed my perspective in learning that our attitude is the driver of everything, it touches everything and is in everything. What I have noticed is that sometimes, the most effective thing we can do is to recharge, refocus and refuel the greatest asset we have in life and work - OUR ATTITUDE. 

My presentation is designed to empower, encourage, inspire, recognize and reward. I achieve this by crafting a customized talk that creates an experience of learning, laughter, and engagement.  

Over the past few years, I  have won some great awards like Speaker of the Year multiple times and National Awards for my training and books. In fact, when I was named one of the top 100 best motivational speakers today, we celebrated by going to Cracker Barrell for dinner and shopping at Costco afterward. Do we know how to celebrate or what?

But, here is what I am most proud of --I am a dad of 3 beautiful kids under 5 years old. I have an amazing wife who inspires me every day and encourages me to dress better. We currently live outside Indianapolis but am originally from Minnesota. For me, it's all about family first. This is why we always try to work with groups who have their events and meetings in the midwest. If I am able to get home sooner or bring my family with me, we call it a family bonus. 


Below, you will find: 

* Specialties
* Books
* Key learning points.
( Again, if you have any questions, let us know. We are always happy to help.)



Sam Glenn's specialties are Creating Captivating Openings and Uplifting Closings - the two most memorable parts to every event.  It's a big responsibility to make these two segments unforgettable.  If you are looking for a strong opening that sets a positive tone for your event or closing that wraps everything up on an uplifting high note, Sam is perfect for both.

* 89% of organizations who hire Sam to speak position him as an opening to create a strong high energy opening for the event.

* 55% or our clients save $$$$ and utilize Sam for both opening and closing. If the audience loves the opening, they will be excited about the closing and not trying to rush out the door.  (This works really well if you have a tight budget and are looking to make the opening and closing really dynamic.) 


* 90% of our clients take advantage of the performance painting.

What makes Sam's performance painting different than other speed painters?
There are speed painters and then there is Sam Glenn who paints at his own pace, no dancing or tossing paint all over. Sam paints in a way which allows the group to watch a blank canvas transform into a positive and memorable message.

Sam's actually talks while he paints which creates for a more engaging experience. Let's just say, Bob Ross would be very proud. Sam's visual message reinforces the value of the key learning points while providing a fun way to learn, grow and be entertained at the same time.

Sam is a self-taught artist who paints his own unique paintings that relate to his talk. This is discussed once Sam has been hired.

* Also, instead of painting a portrait of the CEO or someone in a top leadership role, Sam tries to take a different approach and paints pictures that everyone can see themselves in and relate too. (Nobody is excluded when it comes to Sam's painting)

BONUS#1: You keep the finished painting! It's yours!
BONUS #2: Sam always gives away an original to someone in the audience.
BONUS #3: Everyone receives a mini - print of the painting by Sam and some key points from the talk, this helps reinforce the message and create higher retention. (Our clients love this!!)
BONUS #4: Many groups will do a silent auction for Sam's painting that supports their charitable causes. These paintings typically auction between $2000-$39,000!!

At one time, Sam Glenn was negative, depressed and living in his 82 Buick Regal. It was a chance encounter that ended up becoming a pathway to purpose. Something happened on the day that Sam Glenn accidentally knocked over the Legendary Zig Ziglar at a morning buffet. The encounter and friendship had a positive influence on Sam's negative and self-defeating attitude and opened his eye to the real value of ATTITUDE.

For more than two decades, Sam Glenn has been empowering audiences (some as large as 75,000 at stadium events) to THINK BETTER, so they DO BETTER. The primary and core word that is in every Sam Glenn speak is ATTITUDE. Sam is known as The Authority on Attitude (c). Sam's philosophy is that our attitude touches everything we do, so the message is about empowering people to choose the best attitude that works for your personal and professional success.

These are a few of Sam's top-selling books to date:
* Attitude Changes Everything
* The Power of Courage
* Share Your Popcorn
* Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna
* Be Your Own Real-Life SUPERHERO
* The Gift of Attitude
* The Magic of Enthusiasm
* A Kick in the Attitude
* Life is Better When You're Laughing (Email us to get the book version of this free - it will make your day.)

When you hire Sam, he will learn about your event and meeting objectives and create a speech that is relevant and unique to your group. Below are some of the key points that Sam will communicate during his speech.
Some of Sam's key points revolve around these learning points:
1. Finding the message, meaning, and masterpiece in life's messes.
2. Everything changes, but being human to others will never go out of style.
3. The attitude we demonstrate others will replicate.
4. How to be a real-life superhero without a mask or a cape.
5. Why humor creates a more positive and healthy workplace culture.
6. How to avoid an attitude bankruptcy.
7. How to measure and add more enthusiasm to your workplace.
8. Leaders are learners and choose to get better every day.
9. Culture is a reflection of leadership.
10. Recognition is the result of the right people doing the right things with the right attitude.
11. Our attitude is the author of stories that people will replay, remember and share with author a great story.

Contact us to transform your next meeting into an experience that inspires, fuels purpose and rekindles that beautiful spark of enthusiasm.

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Just a few books by Sam Glenn The Power of Courage by Sam Glenn Attitude Changes Everything by Sam Glenn Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna by Sam Glenn Be Your Own Real Life Superhero by Sam Glenn Share Your Popcorn by Sam Glenn The Magic of Enthusiasm by Sam Glenn A Kick in the Attitude by Sam Glenn

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