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Change, Competition, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Strategic Planning

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Market strength lies in the ability to change with the times—and to provide unique services that confound the competition. Sam Geist helps audiences maximize their opportunities and retain their customers by encouraging them to ask the tough questions—what makes them different, what changes must occur within the organization if they are to continue to evolve? As funny as he is earnest, Sam provides the dynamic strategies necessary for transforming an organization—and for finding and holding new customers. As former owner of a Canadian national sporting goods chain and president of a marketing and consulting firm, Sam's hands-on experience feeds his discussions on creating loyal customers, developing memorable marketing strategies, capitalizing on the changing economy, and motivating the front lines of an organization to become ambassadors rather that adversaries. He is the best-selling author of several books including, Execute...Or Be Executed, Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather than Someone Else? and Would You Work for You?

Execute Why Should Someone Do Business With You

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