Sal Bando

Sal Bando is one of the greatest baseball players of all-time


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From Cleveland to Arizona to Oakland to Milwaukee, Salvador Bando, aka Sal, has tasted success wherever he has been. A 5th round selection by the Oakland A's in the 1965 amateur draft, Sal became the glue that held the Oakland A's together during the 70's as they won 5 straight AL Western division titles and three straight World Series. Sal was voted to 4 All-Star teams during his major league career. In 1977, Sal signed with the Milwaukee Brewers as a free agent and stayed in baseball long enough to see his younger brother Chris play in the majors. Sal went on to become the general manager of the Brewers. Currently, Sal heads up "Battin'1000", a pro-life initiative designed around a baseball theme. "Battin' 1000" promotes a culture of life through endorsements and engagement of major league baseball personalities. It also helps raise funds for the American Life League's Campus Life.

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