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Washington, DC political and media insider who uses his Irish wit to inform and entertain.


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"Political humor funnier than Mark Russell but with a message and without a piano."
Tom Dobbins, American Consulting Engineers Council

This is how political pundit, humorist and grassroots motivator Patrick Haggerty is described. A Washington, DC political and journalism veteran, Haggerty informs and entertains audiences with his political punditry and insights on successful legislative citizen grassroots advocacy, PACs, political candidates and election analysis. Pat has spoken to associations and corporations in 40 states and his hometown, Washington, DC. Displaying his delightfully disrespectful Irish humor, Haggerty says that his 34 years in Washington, D.C. have taught him that . . .

"The Difference between the Boy Scouts and elected officials is that the Boy Scouts have Adult Leadership."

A journalist and raconteur, Haggerty covers Congress, the White House and the federal agencies. Haggerty's career includes being the Press Secretary for three members of Congress, an Advanceman for a U.S. Senate campaign, an advisor to four presidential campaigns and the CEO of a trade association. He has seen everything that works and that doesn?t in the media, political and legislative arenas. Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, has awarded Pat a honorary membership.

Pats communication and political experience also includes being a guest several times on the Larry King Show, working as the Washington, DC political news consultant to ABC's Good Morning America and as a legislative seminar speaker for Congressional Quarterly Magazine.

Pat has a Journalism degree from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis/St. Paul and worked at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune while earning that degree.

Pat is in the move BORAT as the speech/humor coach who tries, unsucssefully, to teach BORAT the "...NOT!..." joke

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