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Nick Arnette-The Feel Good Funny Guy

More than just a funny speaker

Nick's programs transform and energize audiences with both motivation and humor! With Nick, you get a lot of laughs along with relevant, practical content. His most requested talk is, Me, We, and Glee: How to have a great attitude, work as a team, and keep your sense of humor. It encompasses maintaining a positive outlook during these changing times, defining teamwork and enhancing humor both at work and at home. He's the author of the book that goes along with the talk.

Nick has performed for hundreds of groups...

 including AT&T, Unilever, Microsoft, Adobe, and Motorola. He has worked with such comedy greats as Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld, and has performed in all the top comedy clubs, such as the Improv, Catch a Rising Star and the Comedy Store. His TV appearances include A&E, Comedy Central and HBO. Nick Arnette also has a background that includes sales, the hospitality industry, education, and award winning work in mortgage banking.

All this experience means you'll get a speaker who is an expert at entertaining your group and who can relate to people's work environments! Nick is perfect for any group that wants to laugh, feel good about life, and leave with some practical advice they can put to use right away. Wouldn't you prefer a speaker that gives you something to feel good about and provides lots of laughs along the way?

Known for his clean and clever material

 Nick's comedic speaking style is friendly and light-hearted. Nick will not only make you and your people laugh, he will befriend and encourage them. Nick can help your group see the lighter side of their problems with his original brand of good, clean fun! Your group will appreciate Nick's depth and identify with his observations on human behavior. He will bring humor you can relate to, and will tailor his material to fit your needs, so you'll get a performance made especially for you. Also, you can be assured that none of the humor will be inappropriate or offensive to your audience.

 Easy to work with and flexible

Nick Arnette takes pride in being easy to work with and being flexible. He calls clients well in advance, does a pre-event questionnaire and conference calls before each event. He shows up early for every event, stays and talks to the audience after his talks, and treats his clients like good friends. Why do you think they call him, "The Feel Good Funny Guy?!"

Nick Arnette's Talk Titles:

  • Me, We and Glee: How to have a great attitude, work as a team, and keep your sense of humor. The talk title pretty much describes this talk. . It encompasses maintaining a positive outlook during these changing and stressful times, defining teamwork and enhancing humor both at work and at home. Nick Arnette has written a book with the same title that goes along with this talk. It can be presented either as a keynote or a workshop.
  • Knock out the competition!  How to use humor, adaptability and Nick's six  "power punches of persuasion" to knock out the competition and close the deal!
  • Standup Comedy. Clean and clever stand up comedy just like you see on TV. Guaranteed to be clean, non-offensive and funny!
  • It's Laughter We're After! Incorporate more humor into your life without being offensive or interrupting the work environment.
  • It's Not Only What We Say: It's Also How We Make People Feel! Learn the value of encouragement and have a few laughs along the way.
  • How to Effectively Use Humor in the Workplace There is a place for humor in the workplace. Learn how to effectively use humor to achieve the results you desire.
  • Spare Change The only thing that doesn't change, is change. It's not how a person acts toward change - it's how they react. Learn to put change in its proper perspective.
  • We're Talkin' Teamwork! Learn how to define and implement effective teamwork so everyone understands the task at hand!
  • From Laughter to Leadership Not only are there physical benefits of laughter; humor is also good for business and a great way to exhibit effective leadership. Learn how and why.
  • Expectations ... How They Can Get You Into Trouble & What to Do About Them. Do you spend a lot of time getting angry because someone didn't do what you were expecting them to do? Learn how and why having realistic expectations of people will increase your productivity and peace of mind.


  • We've had lots of good keynote speakers, but you're the best we've ever had. Your down to earth style, poignant message and humor were just what we needed. We heard a great message and had lots of laughs. Thanks for a great presentation! Ed Stricklan, President Inland Empire Association of Health Underwriters
  • Mr. Nick Arnette, hands down, held the attention and lifted the spirits of our attendees. Nick presented a very clever and fast paced program to motivate and inspire our workforce to come together as a team. A really first class job! M. Kelly, Executive Officer, IT Defense Contract Management Agency
  • After a morning of business meeting and workshops, the audience was ready for some fun and laughter--and that's exactly what you gave them. You captivated the audience with your humor, delightful stage presence and wit-- you were sensational. Claudia Aldridge, Manager, California Trucking Association
  • Enjoyable, Enthusiastic, Fun, Personable, Compassionate, Intelligent, Adaptable, Dependable! L. McCoy, Broker Business Manager, Unilever




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Me, We, and Glee

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