Nicholas Boothman

Recognized as a world-renowned expert in turning first impressions into lasting relationships


Attitude, Best-selling author, Communication, Relationships

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The New York Times has called Nick Boothman "one of the leading experts in face-to-face communication in the world." He has taught his revolutionary technique of "Rapport by Design" to corporations, colleges, and universities around the world including both the Harvard and London Business schools and has shared the podium with top names like Jack Welch, Cheryl Richardson, and Dr. Phil.

Nick's first two books, "How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less" and "How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less" have been translated into more than 20 languages in less than four years. He was a former fashion and advertising photographer who dealt with hundreds of new faces a week for clients like AT&T, Revlon, and Coca-Cola. He is now recognized as a world-renowned expert in turning first impressions into lasting relationships.

The New York Times calls Nick Boothman "the new Dale Carnegie;" Economist Magazine calls him "truly inspirational;" and Good Morning America says, "His book is my bible!"

How to Connect in Business in 90 seconds or less
An interactive, fun and motivational speech that shows how to use the ABCs of communication (attitude, body-language and congruence) to make a genuine, trusting, natural, connection with everyone. 

  • send the right signals with your face, voice and body to engender trust
  • have front-line staff make "client intimate" connections
  • fire-up sales teams to make more calls, stay in touch and gather referrals
  • get clients, internally and externally, to see the best in you
  • find out what makes people tick
  • get cooperation from teams and meetings
  • get people talking and keep them talking

Talking in COLOR
An interactive follow-on workshop that reinforces How to Connect in Business then shows how easy it is to use language to:

  • make emotional connections and communicate on a personal level
  • pitch ideas to employees, customers, colleagues, shareholders, friends and family
  • bring about change in behaviors, habits and attitudes
  • lead and motivate groups and individuals
  • break down barriers and spark transformations
  • stay Top of Mind
  • bring products and services alive
  • simplify complex concepts
  • spice up presentations of facts and figures

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