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Nancy Coey's fun, funny, and powerful programs offer strategies for overcoming life's daily challenges and promote positive, energized living. A former university professor of communication, Coey is known for memorable programs that sparkle with real-life, down-to-earth ideas. Her audiences come away with specific techniques to live more energized, healthy and fulfilling lives. Also an author, Coey wrote Finding Gifts in Everyday Life.Sharing true stories from her own life, stories that hit home because they're so recognizable, Coey turns everyday occurrences into a source of energy, enthusiasm, and tremendous fun.Nancy taught both writing and public speaking at Ohio State University, the University of Hawaii, and North Carolina State University. Her work has been highlighted on the PBS series, “Excellence in Teaching.” Her speaking achievements include:

- National Spokesperson for “What Women Put Up With,” sponsored by Spirit of Women and Kimberly-Clark

- ‘High Tea' speaker, the Red Hat Society National Convention, three years in a row

- General Session presenter: National Speakers Association

- Keynoter: Speaking of Women's Health

- Keynoter: The Snowmass Conference

- CCRN speaker: AACCN National Convention

Nancy's book, "Finding Gifts in Everyday Life" is an inspirational classic. It's currently in its 5th printing and was a B. Dalton "Book of the Week" selection.


Finding Gifts in Everyday Life
Designed to motivate, energize, and inspire, this fun and fast-paced program is packed with real life examples to help you get a new look at the best in yourself. You'll be motivated to find the humor in everyday events, re-commit to healthy living, maintain a positive outlook, discover the opportunities hidden in small things, and learn from unlikely teachers.

Celebrating the Difference You Make!
A customized keynote designed specifically for nurses, this inspirational, hilarious program pays tribute to the phenomenal importance of what nurses do, and provides a concrete roadmap for continued success. . Fun, funny, and substantive. Approved for CEU credits.

What Would Happen If I Did Remove the Mattress Tag?
Effective people are willing to discard the unnecessary, let go of things that hold them back, and start living with purpose in the present. This program will help you remove self-limiting behaviors and show you the way to step into the jet stream which is waiting for you, only an inch away.

I Want Juice in My Life . . . But Why Do I Always Have to Do All the Squeezing Myself?!?
All of us want our lives to be filled with vitamin C and all the other good things we need, but we sometimes wish someone else would do the “squeezing” for us. In this keynote presentation, Nancy Coey explores the reasons we limit our futures by limiting our choices, and will help us make a firm commitment to effectiveness and joy.

Four Secrets of Powerful Communication
A 45 – 60 minute breakout, this hands-on, participatory, interactive session is designed for practical and immediate use. Each secret - such as how to worry better, or responding to the phone call you didn't get - is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your everyday life and relationships. A great stand-alone breakout session, or a perfect compliment to a keynote.

Why Can't Everyone be Like ME??? Based on the classic, Please Understand Me, this 45 – 60 minute fun, funny, and informative breakout session helps us recognize and celebrate our differences. Find out just what makes you – and those around you – act the way they do.

**FEE NOTE** Nancy's fee INCLUDES all Travel expenses except hotel. 

Products: Finding Gifts in Everyday Life: Now in its fifth printing, this B. Dalton “Book of the Week” classic, inspires with its collection of true stories from the author's own life. 

Finding Gifts in Everyday Life CD: Read by the author. 

The Best of Nancy Coey: 14 Most Requested Stories: Recorded live, 14 of Nancy's most beloved stories.

Warm, witty, and honest, Nancy Coey has the unique ability to see the extra-ordinary in the ordinary. With her conversational style and common sense content, audiences come away feeling that she has spoken directly to them. Nancy developed her keen eyesight for more than twenty years of teaching the Dreaded Freshman English. (Nancy taught both writing and public speaking at Ohio State University, the University of Hawaii, and North Carolina State University, and her work has been highlighted on the PBS series, Excellence in Teaching”). In helping students “train their eyes,” Nancy trained her own. As a result, her programs are filled with fresh, original material.

In 15 years as a professional speaker, Nancy has built a reputation for original and memorable stories. Her presentation for the national Speakers Association, “Creating Memorable Material,” was the Atlanta Workshop's #1 best-selling tape.

Nancy writes the way she speaks. Her book, Finding Gifts in Everyday Life, a collection of true stories from her own life, is in its 5th printing and is a B. Dalton “Book of the Week.”

Nancy and her husband, Don, have been married for thirty years and have two grown sons. They have traded in the folding chairs they used to carry from soccer to football to baseball fields and now spend time watching deer eat the green things they had so carefully planted in their backyard.

"Celebrating the Difference You Make! at our CCRN luncheon was the highlight of the afternoon. The standing ovation reflected the consensus!" Jo-Ann Eastwood, AACN

"The audience, ranging from 25 to 75, had this to say: 'Nancy Coey had us spellbound; dynamic; have her back!' Our thanks for making Women's Health Day memorable."
Janet Conway, Coordinator
Cape Fear Medical
Fayetteville, NC

"Nancy if funny, professional, and inspiring. Even though she was our guest, she make everyone at the Awards functions feel welcome."
Chris Orvis
Staff Development
Trinity Mother Frances
Tyler, TX

"I love that you researched our audience and then tailored your speech. You had 'em laughing, you had 'em crying . . . you just plain had 'em!"
Jane Mihail
Marketing Director
Nursing Management Services

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