Mark Mayberry

A Customer Service expert who took his apparel company from zero to $7 million in less than 5 years - by delivering incredible service to his Customers!


Consulting, Retail


Customer Service, Motivation

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From zero to $7 million in sales in less than five years - that's what Mark Mayberry did for Fashion Connection. Mark understands the driving forces that build profitable companies. Now his revolutionary tactics are energizing companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. His keynotes and workshops are fun, and his message inspires your audience and encourages them to implement his innovative strategies. Mark has "been there, done that." Your audience will learn achievable techniques, with examples from his hands-on experience, and from his Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial clients.

Mark shares examples of what works for other organizations and how they can be adapted to fit your company's goals. He will take your audience beyond empowerment to the prospect of an exciting new vision. Such thinking is a lifeline for members of your team that are desperate for ways to achieve satisfaction at work and to become more productive. Expecting success, they tend to achieve it. It's a strategy that has proven successful for organizations around the world.
Mark worked with co-author John Scriven to write the book, "Building The Dream Workforce," detailing their revolutionary concepts for business. This book converts the principles of entrepreneurism into a practical blueprint for developing more enterprising team members. Mark's programs are based on his book, and have enabled companies of all sizes to spread entrepreneurial skills throughout their workforce.

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