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"Hysterically funny!" "A meeting planners dream come true!" "Powerful information that people can really use!" "The whole package!"


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Linda Larsen, MFA, CSP, CPAE, is on a mission - to give meeting planners and conference attendees a fun, funny, entertaining, high-energy, motivating and meaningful conference experience. From start to finish her unwaivering commitment is to be the most hassle-free, well-prepared, AMAZING keynote speaker your people have worked with. After her events, she wants ALL her clients to follow up with letters like this one from John Natishan, Brand Marketing Manger for LexisNexis:

"Thank you for your FANTASTIC kick off to our user conference in Las Vegas! The feedback was Aces across the board—'The absolute best keynote speaker in recent years!' Your high energy level and passion were just what we needed to get everyone energized for the conference. You genuinely care about the audience, as was evident by your interaction with them before and after your session. You're the best!"

So here's....

The Scoop, the Whole Scoop and Nothing but the Scoop...

Linda is masterful at helping people shift their thinking and upgrade their skills - and does so in such extraordinarily fun, fast-paced and memorable ways that she has become a meeting planners dream come true.

Looking to blow people's socks not only off but right through the roof?

"I don't think any of us were prepared for the final serenade, but let me tell you, you brought down the house!"
Michael Honeycutt, Sr. VP, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Hint: Does the image of a fairly professional looking white woman on the far side of 50 doing a really cool rap song pique your curiosity?

From go-go dancer to social worker, from professional actress to trial consultant, and from kidnap victim to best-selling author, Linda brings a treasure trove of experience, passion, wisdom, humor and spontaneity to the platform.

Looking to give your people useful, relevant skills wrapped in high hilarity?

"Linda is so engaging and funny. I don't think we realized that we were learning valuable lessons until the next day when our sides had stopped hurting."
Terry Stringer, Learning & Development, El Paso Corporation

Linda believes that her job is 1) to give your clients' audiences and sponsors such an exquisite experience that they want to come back year after year; 2) to make you and your client look reeeeeeeeally good and; 3) be the easiest, most well-prepared, hassle free, home-run partner both you and your client work with.

"She was absolute PERFECTION! I'm getting incredible feedback and can't go 5 feet without one of our $20K sponsors or registrants stopping me to say how fabulous she was!"
Kim Fuller, Conference Chair, North American Assoc. of Commencement Officers

"As a meeting planner, I truly appreciate your quick responses and for making me look like a star planner. You were fabulous!"
Anna Jenkins, Director of Education, Texas Apartment Association

And talk about riveting! Her critically acclaimed book, True Power, is the dramatic and true story of how she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint by an escaped convict for over 5 hours. Her experience, and the positive, practical strategies she used to escape led Investor's Business Daily to feature her in its Leaders & Success column. And yes, she can even tell THIS story with moments of strategically placed humor.

Linda holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Fine Arts, and is the author of 5 national training video programs, and 2 audio programs, including the popular 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem (over 120,000 copies sold to date.) She has also written or been featured in over 100 articles in such publications as The Chicago Tribune, Women In Business, and Personal Excellence.

SOME OF LINDA'S MOST REQUESTED TOPICS: (for detailed descriptions, click on Linda Larsen Topic Overview)

For Women's Groups

  • Laugh it UP! The Humor Rx for Health & Happiness!
  • Staying Right Side Up When Everything's Upside Down - Achieving Excellence in Challenging Times
  • YOU - Super Hero! Super Star! Super Exhausted!  How to Effectively Help Others Without Frying Your Golden Goose
  • Dare to Soar! 5 Keys to a Life of Power, Passion and Pizzazz!

For Everyone!

  • Innovate! Generate! Accelerate!  Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Gripers, Complainers & Whiners, Oh My! How to Deal With Chronically Cranky People
  • The Art of Providing Positively Outstanding Customer Service How to Create Unprecedented Buyer Loyalty
  • The Exponential Power of the Brand Known as YOU! Bringing the absolute best version of yourself to every aspect of your life


  • Playing to Win It's Not Your Mother's Playground Anymore




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