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International expert on therapeutic humor and its value in wellness, life balance and stress management


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Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE
Changing Lives One Laugh At A Time By Creating New Perspectives

With substance, style and clean hilarity, Kathy has enhanced the way slightly fewer than a bazillion people laugh, live and work. She's been told she's the "best friend people never knew they had," "a meeting planner's dream," and "a real lifesaver--literally."

BUT WHO IS SHE? Kathy is an internationally recognized speaker, therapeutic humorist, licensed medical professional, entrepreneur, and author. Her expertise, coupled with her uniquely comic platform skills, has made her one of the most sought-after presenters on the platform today. A dedicated veteran of the healthcare industry, Kathy is an experienced clinician and has served on the adjunct faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine and is past-president of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor (AATH). She is the author of It's Your Life--Choose Well, and a contributing author of Humor Me, America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

WHAT IS NEW PERSPECTIVES? New Perspectives is the company Kathy founded in 1987 to address issues in wellness, stress management, life balance, and the link that exists between humor and health. Her clients include The Fortune 100, major healthcare systems, leading universities, seriously ill people, overly serious people, all kinds of associations and tons of women's groups.

HOW GOOD IS SHE? As a memeber of the National Speakers Association and the International Federation of Professional Speakers, Kathleen qualified as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP-1995), which is the highest, earned designation a professional speaker can receive. In 2003, the AATH recognized Kathy with a Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of therapeutic humor. In 2004, she was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame (CPAE).

BUT WHAT IS THE REAL SCOOP? Kathy is Pete's wife, Annie's mom and self-proclaimed poster woman for the sandwich generation. She knows first-hand the importance of humor in surviving life's challenges. Plus, Kathy is a world-traveler, good friend, comedy fanatic, beach lover, great Italian cook, iPod enthusiast, and "Jill of all trades." And, if those credentials don't impress you, she had perfect attendance in the 4th grade. Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE is the funniest woman in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri---and quite possibly, the Western Hemisphere.


Humor At Work
Feeling stressed by the competition, the economy, burned-out co-workers, or just routine everyday hassles at home or in the office? Treat yourself to a session with Kathy Passanisi and find out why laughter really is good medicine - especially in the workplace. When people enjoy themselves and their co-workers, morale, productivity, and customer service improve. Learn how to develop your sense of humor and use it as a creative force, communication tool, energizer, stress reducer, and muscle relaxant. You'll leave with a new perspective and a valuable tool for improving your personal health and professional performance.

Choosing To Live A Balanced Life
Living a life that is sweeter and infinitely more satisfying is possible when you learn to clarify your values, get in touch with what truly makes you happy, and use that information to live your life by design and not by default. Get out of your own way and create the health and joy that are your birthright. You were born with the tools you need--you just didn't come with an instruction manual telling you how to use them. That's what this presentation is about. Find out how you can change your perspective, motivate yourself, and enhance the six dimensions of well-being by making PLEASURABLE choices that will deliver results. There is no time BUT the present. Do it now--not someday.

Managing Change By Changing Your Tune
Change ... the very thought is enough to make us weak in the knees. All of us have to deal with it. Most of us dread it. Many of us fight it. And almost none of us has ever been taught to handle it, let alone embrace it. We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Understanding change and how to make the most of it will be key to both personal and professional well-being. This presentation is guaranteed to have you dancing in the aisles.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew: Life In the Sandwich Generation

Nearly one-quarter of Americans are caring for an older relative while still dealing with kids, jobs, and the inescapable challenges of middle age. Humor can play a valuable role in easing tension, enhancing sensitivity, dealing with the unavoidable, bearing the unbearable, surviving the inevitable, and adding joy to everyday life in "the sandwich generation." Biting Off More Than You Can Chew is a great program for any caregiver who wants to be calmer, healthier, and more resilient--and for any company who wants to help employees while safeguarding the bottom line.

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