John Paling, Ph.D.

Award-winning producer and photographer for National Geographic, and pioneer in risk communication


Adventurers, Communication, Environmental Policy, Healthcare

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With a lifetime's experience in successfully communicating medical and scientific issues to the public, John Paling, Ph.D., is a pioneer in learning lessons from nature. A producer and filmmaker, Paling made the very first PBS "Nova" television program 30 years ago, earning an Emmy Award. A professional wildlife photographer, he was also a speaker for the National Geographic Society at Constitution Hall for many years. He was an on-camera host for Disney, he has produced Emmy Award-winning nature programs, and he is an internationally-published author and researcher. As the founder, president and CEO of John Paling & Co., Inc., Paling currently works as a professional risk communicator.He is the inventor of the Paling Pespective Scale, a "Richter Scale for risks" which helps individuals and organizations view their major challenges in perspective, enabling them to make better informed decisions leading to success. Paling has brought his extensive experience in risk communication issues to businesses, government agencies, military, and healthcare organizations worldwide. Known as "the Oxford Animal Man," Paling earned his doctorate degree from Birmingham University in England. He went on to teach biology at Oxford University in England and later in the United States at the Universities of California and Florida. He was awarded an honorary degree by Oxford University in England and a Regents' Professorship by the University of California. The author of numerous articles and books, Paling's most recent book is "Up to Your Armpits in Alligators? How to Sort Out What Risks are Worth Worrying About!." His upcoming book, "Medics Are From Mars; Patients Are From Venus," focuses on risk communication for healthcare practitioners. As an experienced international speaker, Paling's presentations add a change of pace while being content-driven. He has a track record of refreshing and energizing audiences to face the challenges of their professional and personal lives. Paling also can include memorable visual metaphors from segments of his National Geographic Society films, which he narrates live. MOST REQUESTED PROGRAMS Medics are from Mars, Patients are from Pluto: Risk Communication for Physicians It's a Jungle Out There! The Survival of the Fittest: Achieving Results in a World of Uncertainty Managing Risk and Improving Patient Communication

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