Jody Holland

Jody Holland received his B.A. in Commnications from Angelo State University in 1994. He has received specialized training and certifications in physiognomy, conversational hypnosis, team-building, leadership, management, and psychometric testing.


Generational Diversity, Hypnotic Selling, Authentic Communication, Turn Me On

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Jody Holland received his B.A. in Commnications from Angelo State University in 1994. He has received specialized training and certifications in physiognomy, conversational hypnosis, team-building, leadership, management, and psychometric testing. Jody's clients would say that his capacity for creating ROI is what they appreciate the most. He normally gets between a 10X and 25X return on their investment. He has been sought after by clients to speak at their retreats, to assist in changing behaviors in top executives as well as coaching C-Suite leaders for success.

Jody has had the opportunity to train and do business in 14 countries and all across the United States. Jody has worked with clients ranging from regional companies to the Fortune 50, including companies like WalMart Corporate, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and many more. He has worked with First Financial Bancshares, the Community Banker's Association of Illinois, the Illinois Funeral Director's Association, the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Texas, Workforce Development Boards, etc. Jody has been the keynote speaker more than 200 times at conferences and has trained more than 200,000 leaders on topics ranging from generational change at work, to sales, to service, to authentic communication and a variety of other topics focused on interpersonal interactions.

Jody is the author of 12 books, which can be found on, including books on leadership, time management, sales, personal development, and organizational development. Jody has co-authored more than 30 training programs on supervision, management, leadership, and inter-generational leadership.

Jody has worked for the State of Texas modifying the behaviors of former convicts, designed leadership programs for the Boy Scouts of America, and successfully built and sold 3 companies. Jody is a keynote speaker, author, and trainer... His fun and witty style of interaction has landed him the title of Chief Edu-Tainer!

Topic Descriptions

Generational Diversity

There are currently four generations in the workplace, with a 5th generation rapidly approaching. At no time in our history have we had such diversity in thoughts and beliefs as we do now. The generational value cycles impact everything from the way that we hire, to the way that we lead and motivate, to our ability to be profitable in business. By understanding why each of the generations is who they are, teams are better prepared to be successful in their jobs. Whether you work in executive leadership, construction, healthcare, or the car industry, you have felt the effects of the youngest generation and the shift that happened in 2008.

Hypnotic Selling

The sales models of 20 years ago no longer work as well as they used to work. Buyers are different because the world is different. Because of this change in consumers, we have need to create a change in our approach in order to bring our sales back up to where they should be in every industry. The process of hypnotic selling combines the sciences of physiognomy, NLP, and conversational hypnosis. By using these three in perfect harmony, a salesperson is able to very quickly identify what it is that the prospect wants to buy, how much they are willing to spend, and how to get them to ask if they can buy. The sales process doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, using this model, it completely flips it to creating a "buying opportunity."

Authentic Communication

Our capacity to communicate is rooted in our biology. From the beginning, we have been able to express basic ideas about whether we are friendly, what we are seeking, and how we feel about another person. As we have developed our capacity for language, we have relied more and more on that component of communication and less on our ability to read others. In this program, participants learn how to listen, how to read others effectively, and how to control their messaging. This highly interactive program teaches teams to connect, develop trust, and accelerate their EQ. Being authentic is about understanding others, adapting to their needs in communication, and inspiring them to trust you and work in harmony with you.

Turn Me On - The Art of Great Business Presentations

Turn Me On is a journey into how to give great presentations and to light a fire for your audience, whether they are a corporate team, a board, or even your association members. There are some very specific and measurable skills that must be mastered in order to elicit the perfect response from your audience. Great speakers are born, but they are born just like everyone else. The greatest of speakers learn the right skills, hone them, master them, and then share them with the world. This program has helped hundreds of executives present more confidently and be received more pleasantly. From hospital executives to lawyers, Jody has helped people find their rhythm and present like a pro.

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