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As a speaker and author, Jim helps leaders and top performers close the gap between what gets said and what gets done


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Most Requested Presentations:

  • Leadership & Winning in a Changing World The Relentless Search for Better Ways
  • Unleash the Heroes in Your Midst
  • Happily Ever After(s) Don't Just Happen
  • Change, Choice & Champions The Relentless Search for Better Ways
  • Get Over It & Get On With It! Transforming Setbacks into Success
  • Selling vs. Hoping to Get Bought Compelling Alternatives to “The Pitch”
  • The Relentless Search for Better Days A Spiritual Perspective

Leadership & Personal Accountability- Jim Bearden Speaks From Experience 

From College Class President to Marine Officer to President of the Bearden Resource Group, Jim has been leading people for over 40 years. 

Bronze Star Medal with Combat V for Valor When he was 19, Jim enlisted in the Marine Corps. and during his intensive Marine Boot Camp training, his leadership potential was recognized. He was nominated and ultimately selected (1 of 60) to attend Officer Candidates' School, where he again demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, receiving the 5th highest Leadership marks in his class of 250.

Following his completion of OCS and additional training in the U.S., Jim assumed command of a Marine rifle platoon in Vietnam. After only 5 months in that role, and while still only a 2nd Lieutenant, Jim was given command of a Marine rifle company (250 Marines).One week after assuming command, Jim led his rifle company in an intensive firefight with a much larger enemy unit. As a result of his battlefield experience, Bearden, was presented with the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V for Valor for “displaying such dynamic leadership and tactical skill that, although a Second Lieutenant, he was selected to fill the billet of Commanding Officer of Company E (traditionally commanded by Captains) and continued to distinguish himself by his outstanding performance of duty “ 

Back to Texas Jim resigned his commission (as a Captain) and returned to Texas, earning his BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas in Austin. His interests in aviation led him to the Federal Aviation Administration where he worked for six years as an air traffic controller. While in that position he earned his private pilot's license.  After leaving the FAA, Jim entered the radio business where he quickly became the top sales producer, sales manager and, ultimately, Vice President of Sales for his group of radio stations.  

Jim has been a full time speaker for 23 years. He has been active in the National Speakers Association as President of his local chapter, NSA Member of the Year and earned the prestigious CSP Distinction. He has also been a VP of Strategic Development for an International Consulting Corporation, an active author, with his current, highly popular book, The Relentless Search for Better Ways, about achieving individual and organizational success, is in its 3rd printing.                                         

Personally, Jim is involved in his church as a Spiritual Lay Director for the Men's Group in his parish. He runs 1200 miles a year and has completed two marathons despite receiving near fatal injuries from a head on collision by a drunk driver. He is a licensed pilot, a voracious reader and by his own admission, a ‘pretty bad' golfer! To round it all out, Jim has been married 25 years has 3 children and a granddaughter.

Jim Bearden, CSP   Topics for Specific Types of Events 

Recognition or Awards Meetings 

  • Change, Choice & Champions 
  • The Relentless Search for Better Ways 
  • Playing to Win in a Changing World
  • Happily Ever After(s) Don't Just Happen

Leadership Conferences

  • Leadership, Teamwork & Winning
  • Unleash the Heroes in Your Midst
  • What Effective Leaders Do—and Do Well
  • More Accountability & Less Victimhood!
  • All “Professional Victims” are Volunteers
  • Organizational Culture – Where Initiatives Thrive or Go to Die
  • Collaborative Processes & Leadership – You Won't Have One Without the Other
  • Doers, Directors & Facilitators – The Differences Between Real Leaders and People Who Just Occupy Leadership Positions

Sales or Marketing Conferences

  • Selling versus Hoping to Get Bought
  • Buying & Selling – A Tale of Two Processes
  • Positioning – A Crucial Transition
  • Inquiry – Where the Sale is Made
  • Accountability & Sales Success – You Won't Have One Without the Other 

All Staff/Employee Meetings

  • Accountability, Teamwork & Winning
  • The Relentless Search for Better Ways
  • The Relentless Search for Better DAYS
  • Effective Partnering at the Points of Contact
  • Leadership – Too Important to be Left Exclusively in the Hands of Managers
  • Winning in the Real World – A “Team Sport”
  • Happily Ever After(s) Don't Just Happen


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