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With two #1 selling dvds, two record-setting comedy central specials, a sold-out national tour, & you-tube hits in the multi-millions, jeff dunham is a pop culture phenomenon!


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Jeff Dunham's undeniable talent has transcended the art of ventriloquism and transformed it into a cutting-edge comedy experience. His latest DVD, Spark of Insanity, held the number one spot on for eleven days, and is flying off retail shelves at a rate of 35,000 per week. Both of Dunham's DVDs have gone multi-platinum (Arguing with Myself was released in April 2006), and Spark of Insanity continues to be one of the highest rated hour-long standup specials in Comedy Central's history, with multiple airings every month. Since the release of Spark of Insanity in September 2007, Dunham has sold over 250,000 concert tickets, grossing in excess of $7 million in revenue, making him one of the strongest touring artists today. His overwhelming popularity and international appeal now has Canada taking note, as The Comedy Channel (Canada's version of Comedy Central) will premiere both record-breaking specials - Arguing with Myself  and Spark of Insanity -  beginning this month.

If record sales figures and broadcast ratings aren't impressive enough, one can simply look to the web to confirm Dunham's skyrocketing worldwide appeal and his voracious fan base. reports a staggering 80 million-plus combined views of Dunham clips over 1200 different postings in the past few months.  Dunham and his newest cast member, ‘Achmed the Dead Terrorist', are currently one of the top-ten Google searches, and Achmed's performance of “Jingle Bombs” found 2 million views on YouTube over the Christmas week alone. That same video clip is also the #1 Top Rated YouTube Comedy video.

Often considered the Edgar Bergen of the 21st century, Dunham has mastered his craft to an unequaled level.  He has put a contemporary spin on an ancient and classic art form, and continues to surpass boundaries with his comedic talents, catapulting him to an international success.

Dunham of course never travels alone, and fans of all ages have fallen in love with his fast-talking and socially reckless “Suitcase Posse”.  First, and probably most recognizable to TV viewers, is ‘Walter', the elderly, outspoken, and politically incorrect curmudgeon who spouts his views on the foibles of marriage, politics, and anything else that needs skewering in American culture. Next is ‘Peanut', a frenzied, loudmouthed, purple, loveable imp, who Walter describes as ‘a Muppet on crack'.  Then there's ‘José Jalapeño', a chili pepper who teamed up with Dunham after a pogo accident in his home country of Mexico, permanently placing him "on a STEEK!" Lowest on the I.Q. chart is ‘Bubba J', simply white trash and trailer park, and a true diehard beer-drinking NASCAR fan.  Finally, Dunham's latest character to join the act is ‘Achmed the Dead Terrorist', who thankfully has failed in multiple suicidal tasks, and has allowed Dunham to throw a spitball directly in the eye of political correctness.

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