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Dr. James Maas is one of North America's most sought after speakers for association, government and corporate audiences concerned about wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Dr. James B. Maas is Professor and past chairman of the Department of Psychology at Cornell University, a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, and a member of the graduate fields of Education and Communication Arts at Cornell.

In addition to his impressive credentials, Dr. Maas is a dynamic speaker, entertaining and educating thousands of students each year in his Introductory Psychology class, the world's largest single lecture class. Dr. Maas also conducts on-going research on the psychophysiology of sleep.

Client Testimonials:

"The feedback we've received on your presentation has been most gratifying. Many attendees, including our President and several vice-presidents, have told me they felt your presentation was the best we've ever had - great content, great presentation. I couldn't agree more."

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