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Jack Sims is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs and management teams to grow their businesses into brands by remembering "WHY They Got Into Business in the First Place.


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"All really successful brand leading business are based on "WHY you started your business and then how much you want it"!

Founder and CEO of the award winning, and largest marketing agency in America, author of business growth books, Jack was voted as "One of Meeting Planners Favorite Keynote Speakers" in Meetings & Conventions, when they were asked "Who is the best keynote speaker you have ever heard or used"?

He knows after founding, growing and leading successful international corporations that it's all about knowing where you are going before you can build a profitable and successful business. It's about having a clarity of purpose as it relates to "WHY You Want To Be in Business in the First Place". Then its about the inspiration,motivation, leadership qualities, passion, people, industry related product and promotion to keep it that way. It his experiences and on stage performance of inspiration, information, motivation and humor that makes him one of today's in demand motivational keynote speaker.

Jack says, "WHY you started your business in the first place" should be the driver for everything you do inside and outside of your business, if you want to become the brand leader in the marketplace you compete in. Then it must be followed with a clear understanding that "It's not how much you want, but how much you want it"!

He started his business education, by working in his parents Mom & Pop store in England at the age of eleven. That's where he was taught and learned the importance of having the inspiration and passion to be the best on the block, which led to profitability, customer retention through keeping your promises and developing a brand that people will go out of their way to get, and pay a premium price for.

His business strategy of simply wanting to be the very best marketing agency in America and inspiring his people to follow him, stood the test of time and enabled him to do just that with some of the biggest companies in the world as his clients. It also led his company to become the biggest and probably the most profitable too. Just some of the clients were world class brands like Polaroid, British Airways, Burger King, Lever, General Foods, General Electric, Nestle and more . His company won the promotional marketing industries highest awards, not once but twice, on the way to becoming the #1 ranked and largest marketing agency in the United States.

Jack's inspirational and motivational vision is all about inspiring people to be the very best they can be, moving the business, brand, market share or growth needle towards making a serious growth for the long haul.

"He is a brilliant strategic thinker when it comes to marketing, branding,

customer service and the analysis of the customer experience". Brian Pogee - GE

After selling his business to Wall Street, Jack wrote business growth and branding books and began motivating and inspiring audiences with information, humor, his unique success stories and how they can apply this thinking to their businesses. He has given highly acclaimed motivational and informational keynote sessions for corporations like Harley-Davidson, Panasonic, Novartis, LexisNexis and dozens of associations that range from Photo Marketing Association, National Frame Building Association to the American Perfume Society and everything in between.

He also, as a gift to himself, became a Professional Golf Teacher and this led to him writing the book "How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf" which is based on his experiences as a professional golfer, combined with his lifelong experiences of founding and growing hugely successful businesses. His Business/ Golf sessions are totally unique and each speaking session is followed with a golf clinic for the audience members.

Jack is married with two children has two grandsons, and when he is not on the road speaking he enjoys singing in a "Blues/Rock" band and of course playing golf.

Jack's keynote presentations are: Based on real world experiences that inspires and motivates audiences with his high energy and impeccable information that persuade them to take serious action and make a difference in their world. His skill and advice have proven to work in the real business world. You will laugh at his stories, be excited by his delivery, but most importantly you will walk away inspired with information that will motivate to get serious profitable business growth.






W H Y -  and My "Winning Business Formula" for Inspirational Business Growth & Profits


This session is PERFECT for:

• CEO's, entrepreneurs and leaders.
• Senior and middle management.

  • Why do you do what you do, that has to be the purpose, the reason for founding and growing a business.

  • How are you going to WIN in your category?

  • What is your big differentiator?

  • Success it's the result of a "Clarity of Purpose" and doing everything better than the competition!

Jack has the real world experience it takes to found and grow businesses from scratch to become the biggest in the country. He has "been there, done that," creating two hugely successful businesses on two continents, as a result. One became the largest marketing agency in America by helping some of the biggest brands on the planet grow their businesses. The experiences he gained is delivered as information that will inspire and motivate audiences to grow their businesses and a bigger bottom line. The session will be a lot of fun with many great true life stories that will keep the audience riveted and information that will make a serious difference in the attendees business growth!



Developing a successful business strategy is relatively easy. The problem is not knowing a "Winning Business Formula". Jack Sims will show you how his "Winning Business Formula" has worked in the real world, as he shares his business experiences and knowledge to help you realize " Inspiration, Motivation and a True Sense of Purpose are the keys".

  • Learn Jack's "Winning Business Formula"

  • Find out what your biggest business asset is, and make it even bigger and better.

  • Learn what it takes to get and maintain serious growth for your business.

  • Discover the 3 component parts that should be the very core of successful all facets of your marketing communications.





This is a BRAND GROWTH session IDEAL for:

• Corporations and Associations
• CEO's, Presidents.
• Senior and middle management.

This year there will be a brand leader in the marketplace that you compete in, the question is....will it be you?

There is always a brand leader and brand leaders make more money to the bottom line than their competition. They get better customers, hire better employees, and charge a premium price and make more money! Reality check; your brand is probably the biggest financial asset you have. Do you know what it stands for, do you have a brand plan of action?

Get motivated about your brand and see your profits soar!


Growing a successful brand is not just for the Apple Computers, Nike, Toyota's etc of this world, every business, indeed, every person has a brand, and that's what makes us stand out in a crowd and customers pay a premium price to do business with us. It's what differentiates businesses in a "Sea of Sameness"

What audiences will take away:

Learn the 6 key components of BRAND BUILDING Jack has used to help grow some of the biggest brands in the world.

• How you can get your customers to grow your business and your BRAND.
• How to positively impact short and long term BRAND growth for your business?
• Why a down market is a huge opportunity for you to get sustainable business and incremental brand share.
• Discover the biggest brand building mistakes that companies make, so that you don't have to!



WHY - "Most Marketing Stinks"!


• CEO's, Presidents, Senior and middle management and all line personnel.
• Companies and start-up's who are looking for serious market growth

Most people that start businesses are usually very good at what they do. But it doesn't mean that they are good at business. The truth is that 50% of all start-up's fail in the first five years because they don't know how to market their business and they do not have a real purpose. This session will not only give the audience the information but will motivate them to take some serious action.


In this session Jack covers many of the real world experiences that have enabled him to grow two successful businesses of his own and have many of the best brands in the world as his retained clients. Jack gets down and dirty on the things that work and more importantly, don't work, in the world we compete in.


• Learn the "Top Ten" marketing mistakes that most companies make!
• Discover what great leaders do to give their businesses the best chance of success.
• Find the big secret of what the top companies do to maintain their leadership status.
• Learn the answer to the biggest question on attaining, sustainable business growth.
• How your customers can help you skyrocket your business.



Par for the Course, Just Isn't Good Enough Anymore!

This is a BUSINESS GROWTH session IDEAL for:

• Corporations and Associations
• CEO's, Presidents.
• Senior and middle management.
• Golfers and NON golfers alike!!!!

Wouldn't you like to know the same secrets that great business leaders know and use in making their companies to become brand leaders, and professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald know in becoming winners in their sport too? Well now you can!


Jack Sims discovered these secrets after a career of successfully founding businesses in Europe and the US, including America's largest marketing agency, and by becoming an acclaimed golf teaching professional. The fact is that the secrets of great business leaders and winning professional golfers are EXACTLY the same. In this keynote session he will share those secrets with the audience to help them grow their business and make their golf game better too!

What audiences will take away:

The 3 key Secrets great business leaders and leading professional golfers know, making you a winner in the office and on the golf course. Understand and Embrace the Six Winning Success Strategies Used by winning golf professionals that can be used by successful management teams.

• Unlock the Key to the Single Most Important Tip to Improving the Odds in your Business....and it'll improve your golf game too!
• Discover the 6 most important steps that will give you the ultimate measurement of success that leads to WINNING NUMBERS; They are based on Jack's unique inside knowledge of business growth and the world of professional golfers.



Jack Sims is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs, business founders, management teams and employees to grow their businesses by understanding and leveraging their "WHY they are in business in the first place" and having a "Clarity of Purpose". Jack has founded two international corporations including America's largest marketing agency and was recently named "One of Meeting Planners Favorite Speakers". He is the author of two business growth books including "Growing small Businesses into BIG Brands" and "How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf", a guest lecturer at the Institute of Business, a member of the National Speakers Association.






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