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Jack Barsky's life has been improbable, impossible and downright fascinating. In fact, CBS 60 Minutes found it so interesting that they featured the story in a double segment which was repeated twice.


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Jack Barsky's life has been improbable, impossible and downright fascinating. In fact, CBS 60 Minutes found it so interesting that they featured the story in a double segment which was repeated twice.

This true spy story had a very humble beginning in the most backward corner of the old East Germany. Smarts and hard work got Jack out into the world, where he started a career teaching chemistry and math at a well-known university. And then his life took a fantastic detour – Jack was recruited by the KGB and infiltrated into the US where he spent ten years spying for the Soviet Union. He "resigned" from the KGB and was eventually discovered by the FBI. Today, Jack is a law abiding patriotic American citizen who is taking advantage of one last chance to live a normal life.

This is a story of a life that parallels the rise and fall of Communism in the second half of the 20th century. but in its broader sense it is a multi-layered human drama played out against the background of a historic clash of systems and ideologies. Fittingly, Steve Kroft of CBS's 60 Minutes, called Jack a "relic of the Cold War." Indeed, he is a relic, but this this relic is very much alive, and he is now sharing his story, a story with all the elements of a Shakespearean drama: ambition, courage, ruthlessness, deceit, betrayal, love, survival and redemption. It is a story Jack has laid out at length in his book "Deep Undercover". In his endorsement, Joel Fields, Executive Producer of the successful show "The Americans", states: "Jack Barsky's ultimate act of courage is sharing this intimate story that sheds light on the true personal consequences of a life in espionage. Gripping and emotional, Deep Undercover peers beyond the Iron Curtain for a look into the world of a KGB officer illegally living abroad".

Jack is now to taking his story and his vast experience on both sides of the iron curtain to live audiences. Get ready for a breathtaking ride through the Cold War and the murky world of undercover existence; get ready to hear how one man was able to overcome this shady past. Jack's delivery style is authentic and peppered with self-deprecating humor. You will be entertained, educated, fascinated, baffled, and moved.


"Really good presentation the other day - everyone was thrilled you came"
Jeff Skulsky, CIO Regneron
"I really thought your presentation was excellent, and so did the others I spoke with"
Chuck Schmidt, retired VP IT J&J
"Your delivery style is conversational as opposed to someone rehearsing a canned speech"
Patrick Hafford, VP United HealthCare
"Jack’s presentation was spectacular. His sense of humor, honesty and candidness about his unique background and how it affected him personally and professionally absolutely captivated our audience. One of our best presentations this year!"
Allen Spokane, VP Programs, SIM NJ
"Jack's presentation was our highest attended program of the year. It was a fascinating glimpse into the back-office of the KGB, from a man that was on the front lines of the Cold War".
Greg Fell, Chairman SIM Fairfield/Westchester
"Hello Jack, Thanks again for speaking at our CT SIM event last night. Your story is interesting and compelling"
James Kidd VP Enterprise IT Aetna
"Thank You for presenting last night, it was our largest attended event of the year"
Leo Pellerin, CIO United Way Connecticut and Past President of CT SIM
"Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating!"
Aslhey Gunter, partner Gunter group
"I found this a fascinating perspective on how one’s environment and circumstances can foster such willingness to hurt another nation; but the in the end human compassion won out."

"Riveting story of emotional distress and healing while surviving the engagement and departure from the KGB."

"Jack has one of the more interesting stories I have heard in person. He did a nice job blending some pretty heavy topics into a very engaging, human, funny and entertaining story."

"Jack’s story is riveting! He drew me into his past, his story….I was literally immersed into his very vivid (and musical) reenactment of his life"
OREGON Audience (all law enforcement personnel – titles not given)
"Thank you again for delivering such a fantastic keynote to our attendees on Thursday evening; we received tremendous feedback"
Nick Peakcocksmith, Millenium Group CIO/CSO workshop
"Awesome Keynote!"
VP, Corporate Information Security Comcast
"Amazing, give Jack more time!"
Chief Technology Officer iPic Entertainment
"Entertaining and genuine speaker"
CIO Fairway
"Very interesting keynote, one of the memorable moments of the assembly"
CIO Insterstate Batteries

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