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Harry Beckwith works with 23 Fortune 500 companies and is the branding consultant to the world's premier brand consultancy. He has appeared on CNN, given keynote addresses to Microsoft, Disney and ABC, and authored the critically acclaimed international business bestseller, Selling the Invisible. Praised by executives worldwide, Invisible appears in thirteen translations and appeared on the Business Week bestseller list for three consecutive years. His book, The Invisible Touch, was published in March 2000, and What Clients Love appeared in 2003.

 His newest book, You, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself, which he co-authored with his wife and business partner, Christine Clifford Beckwith (Not Now...I'm Having a No Hair Day!) is being released March 1st by Warner Books.

Beckwith Partners advises technology, financial and professional service clients on positioning, branding, customer retention and communication strategies. The firm's work has been featured in Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Inc., Advertising Age and AdWeek, and has won The American Marketing Association's highest honor, the Effie.

Mr. Beckwith graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University in 1972, won the national collegiate journalism award as a freshman, and was named Oregon Law Review Editor-in-Chief, that school's highest honor. He then served a federal judicial clerkship before becoming a medical malpractice and personal injury trial attorney in Portland, Oregon, and later, legal counsel to the city of Portland, Oregon.

Hired in 1982 by Minneapolis' international award-winning ad agency Carmichael-Lynch, Mr. Beckwith earned front-page news in City Business and the title Creative Supervisor in 1985 -- the swiftest promotion ever in the agency which Advertising Age twice has named as America's premier creative agency.

Harry lives with his award-winning speaker/author wife and business partner Christine Clifford Beckwith and their six children Harry, Tim, Will, Brooks, Cole and Cooper and their legendary flying cat Simone in Minneapolis where Harry doubles as a part-time novelist, distance runner, Master's bridge player, and much in-demand bedtime storyteller.

Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Service Marketing
Hailed by the top executives of Procter & Gamble and ABC as "amazing," Harry Beckwith's painstakingly customized presentations on sales, marketing and customer service have earned perfect scores from over 96% of people attending his worldwide presentations -- and prompted one executive to say, "You told our people things about our business that they didn't even know!" Drawing on unique examples -- Pulp Fiction, the mysterious success of Yahoo!, and stories of ugly kittens, Pablo Picasso, Bell South, and many Fortune 200 clients -- Harry clearly isolates the four keys to growing a service business in presentations that are sincere, engaging, witty, moving, and in the end, enormously inspiring.

Marketing Services and Intangibles: The Invisible Touch

Client Service and Relationship-Building: What Clients Love

Sales and Marketing for Financial Services

Business Development for Professional Services


You, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself with co-author Christine Clifford Beckwith (Warner Books, March, 2007)

What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business (Warner Books - 2003)

Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing (Warner Books, 1998)

The Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing (March 2000)

What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business (Audiobook)


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