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Greg Mooers, founder of Lifecamp, studied Quantum physics and was a monk for 8 years. Couples, parents, celebrities and executives alike use Greg's Heart Virtues system to awaken their zest for vibrant health.


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Greg Mooers is the founder and president of LifeCamp Coaching. Through his workshops, consulting services, and coaching, Greg helps business leaders, clergy, entrepreneurs and youth identify their unique calling in life. He has found that once people discover what is most important to them, they can use this knowledge and their inherent talents to increase their productivity and wealth, and experience more fulfilling personal relationships.

A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, Greg earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree and became passionate about practical applications of Quantum physics. He began his career as an engineer at Intel Corporation, and later left to start his own successful computer consulting firm. By 1988, he had grown increasingly dissatisfied with the direction his life and career were taking and decided to give up his business to spend some time re-evaluating what he wanted out of life. He spent the next eight years as a monk with the Self-Realization Fellowship. There he logged 12,000 hours in silent meditation. As a result he learned that effective listening is a powerful tool and the key to any successful business or personal relationship.

In 1998, with a clear vision of what he was meant to do in life, he founded LifeCamp Coaching. Through his consulting, coaching and LifeCamp services, Greg helps others achieve clarity of direction. When participants are able to uncover the virtues that are important to them and the gifts that they have, they can share them with others, and in the process they will be richly rewarded.

Through his LifeCamp training sessions, Greg leads participants through a challenging and courageous journey to help them uncover their deepest passions and understand why it is so important to embrace them. LifeCamp training sessions use active listening to bring out each individual’s brilliance towards more fulfilling lives, careers, businesses and relationships.

Greg’s techniques make him effective with people from all walks of life. His clients have included two-year-old children with learning disabilities, at-risk teens and their parents, corporate professionals, religious organizations, Olympic Gold Medalists and Academy & Emmy Award winners . No matter whom his client, he helps them discover and create the life of fulfillment they yearn for.

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