Frank King

Writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years, TED Talker, Speaker and Corporate Comedian who speaks on suicide prevention as a workplace health and safety issue. Depression and Suicide run in his family.


Healthcare/Medical, Psychology


Celebrity, Healthcare, Humor, Men's Health, Motivation, Mental Health

Full Bio

He was a writer for Jay Leno, and The Tonight Show, for 20 years.

He's fought a lifetime battle with depression, and thoughts of suicide, turning that long dark journey of the soul into 3 TEDx Talks and sharing his insights on Suicide Prevention and Post-vention as a workplace health and safety issues, with corporation, association, and college audiences.

He's had two aortic valve replacements, a double bypass, a massive heart attack, and three stents. So he is truly funny at heart. From these experiences he has a Cardiac Comedy Keynote, "Living Heart Healthy, Happily," and a Humorous Patient Engagement Keynote, "Nothing About Me, Without Me."

He uses the life lessons from all of the above, as well as lessons learned as a rather active consumer of healthcare, both mental and physical, to show attendees how to turn their messes and stresses into successes.

They'll laugh, learn, and leave loving life.

He began his standup comedy career in 1985 catching the comedy club wave, and holds the record for the longest, non-stop comedy club road trip 2629 nights in row, with no home, just a PO Box, and an answering service.

His road trip came to an end as his career as a radio personality, syndicated humor columnist, and professional speaker and trainer began. He's a funny motivational and inspirational speaker, and his keynotes are packed with ah-ha's as well as ha-ha's.

On his 30 year journey he has shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Jon Stewart, Jim Carrey, Bill Maher, Brad Garrett, Ray Ramano, Steve Harvey, David Spade, George Lopez, Pauly Shore, JJ Walker, Adam Sandler, Carrot Top, Joan Rivers, Jeff Foxworthy, Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Paula Poundstone, Kathleen Madigan, Frank Caliendo, Same Kinison, Bill Hicks, Bill Engval, Ron White, Kevin James, Dennis Miller, Rosie O'Donnell, Charles Fleischer, Kevin Nealon, Daniel Tosh, Randy Travis, The Beach Boys, Neil Sedaka, Lou Rawls, Mary Wilson, The Fifth Dimension, Crystal Gayle, Lorna Luft, Steppenwolf, William Webster (Former Director of the CIA), Jamie Diamond (Big Cheese at JP Morgan Chase), among others.

He has appeared on An Evening at the Improv, Showtime's Comedy on the Road, and Comedy Club Network, The Joan Rivers Show, The Dennis Miller Show, CNN's Business Unusual, and The Original Star Search, with Ed McMahon, where he was Quarterfinalist...and then lost to a puppet...yes, a puppet.

He's spoken for Pepsico, Taco Bell, McDonalds, JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp, AFLAC, Sun Trust Bank, ING, WalMart, Sam's Club, Phillip Morris, Wachovia, Allstate, Miller-Coors, Ford Motors, Cargill, BASF, Hardees, IMG, NASCAR, Sodexho, Sheraton, IGA, Piggly Wiggly, OHVI, Sprint, Harley Davidson, among others.

Believing that success in life comes from giving value first, he helped these comics get their start:

Retta Sirleaf (now on NBC's "Parks and Rec")
John Reep (won "Last Comic Standing" and appears in the Dodge Hemi ads)
Dr. Ken Jeoung (aka: Dr. Ken, seen most recently in the "Hangover" movies)
And, he has performed on every continent, including Antarctica...yes, that Antarctica.

Community Service

Frank is a member of the Springfield, OR Chamber of Commerce, and the Springfield Chamber's Greeters Committee, and is a volunteer with the National Alliance for Mental Health, Lane County Chapter, where he speaks on behalf of NAMI, raising money and awareness for those battling mental health issues, and the people who love them.

He's in the process of starting a chapter of "Stand Up for Mental Illness," which will provide comedians who joke about their battles with mental illness in an effort to de-stigmatize it, and start that conversation.


Frank has a weekly humor column in "The Springfield Times," and is working on a book, a compilation of his favorite columns, "No Rest for the Witty."

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