Erin Roberts

Acting to me is an opportunity to try every profession, tap into every personality, and experience every situation. It has allowed me to explore and confront my fears and satisfy my curiosity about life and my need for continued learning and self-improvement. I credit this career with giving me an insight and sensitivity that many people never obtain.



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Contrary to all theatrical implications, I had every intention of being a French major (Trés romantique!) when I began my undergraduate studies at Smith College. I did well enough in class, but when I realized I couldn't understand a thing that was said, I headed back to my comfort zone - the theatre department. It was there I proceeded to act, direct, sew, light things, all while trying to get a few hours of sleep. On the day I graduated with my BA in Theatre, I learned from the commencement program that I had won two awards: The Samuel A. Elliot/Julia Heflin Award for Distinguished Directing and The Jill Cummins McClean Prize for Outstanding Dramatic Achievement with a Comic Touch in Acting. I didn't know anyone had really come and seen my work! Awesome! Obviously this was a sign that I should move to the Big Apple and pursue acting...

And even though I didn't step from a Vermont Transit bus into a Broadway contract, New York has become a valuable home base for me. For almost ten years, though I've done my fair share of out of town gigs, living in NYC has allowed my to build a great support group of amazing people. I've just returned from a stint at Penn State University, where I earned my MFA in Acting and actually spent a few fond semesters schooling a couple of PSU football players in the art of script memorization and repetition. (Go Lions!) More recently, I have acted as Executive Director of Improbable Fiction, a theatre company I co-founded with a few like-minded colleagues. While this has given me experience with the not-always-glamorous world of producing, it has also granted me more welcome opportunities to act and direct here in the city.

When I'm not onstage (or backstage, or next to a stage, or securing contracts so we can use a stage), I'm an athlete, a world traveler, and a mover and shaker. The loyalest of Red Sox fans, I am training for my third marathon, play softball in The Broadway Show League and spent several years as a professional swim and ski instructor. I've studied in London, Stratford-on-Avon, France and Toronto and have crossed Greece, Turkey, Russia, the Ukraine, Wales, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica off my to-do list. I love the fall and being outdoors, game nights, movies, days at the beach, wine, barbecues, street fairs, Thanksgiving, apple picking, dive bars, the convenience of my iPod shuffle, and dancing like it's 1999!

I believe that all of these things have played a part in influencing me as an actor, and vice versa. Picasso put it well when he said, "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain artists once they grow up." I aspire to meet this challenge every day, in my personal and professional life!

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