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Futurist; "The Art of Looking Backwards From Tomorrow"


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No one is more passionate about, nor more actively engaged in assisting people, organizations, and professions to anticipate and prepare for the world of tomorrow. Ed Barlow is President of Creating the Future, Inc., an organization dedicated to trend spotting and strategic planning facilitation.

Ed's client list represents the "Who's Who" within industry, government, and the not-for-profit sector. He averages over 120 engagements a year. In addition to his extensive speaking and consulting schedule, he is interviewed regularly by the media. He has also testified before Congress on several occasions regarding issues of workforce, transportation, and tourism. Ed's keen insights into the process of change and expert facilitation skills have been used to design and implement special corporate, association, and community meetings, think-tanks, and strategic planning activities.

Ed's professional experience includes executive positions in healthcare, business, higher education, and a Washington D.C. based management consulting firm. He holds a master's degree in management from the University of Notre Dame.

Barlow is one of a few great speakers able to deliver meaningful information about the future in a dynamic and entertaining manner. He captivates audiences with his intuitive and well-studied perspective. His well-organized, thought-provoking, and media-supported presentations affirm his reputation as a top futurist. You will long remember his power-packed message!

The Journey Through the 21st Century
Travel through the uncharted territory of the 21st century. Explore the rapid and dramatic economic, technological, social, and political changes which are ahead. Frame the implications of these changes for you and your organization. Strategize on ways to anticipate and prepare for a continuum of change. Dare to imagine and dare to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the new millennium.

Looking Backwards from Tomorrow
Anticipatory thinking will separate winners from losers in a competitive business environment. Learn about the lifecycle continuum, methods for environmental scanning, scenario development, and visioning. Formalize an effective system for identifying emerging influences and their potential consequence.

Leading in a Continuum of Change
Pathfinding, aligning, and empowering represent competencies required for guiding people and organizations through the dynamics of an ever-changing business environment. Learn the intricacies involved with attracting and retaining employees, developing and leveraging intellectual capital, knowledge management, and strategies to maintain an organizational climate for success.

Creating The Future
Participate in a dynamic process for applying the influences of a changing world. Frame issues of critical importance. Brainstorm strategies of engagement. Formulate plans of action that will assure your future success. Experience methods for continuous renewal.

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