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Creativity, Inspirational, Leadership, Life Balance, Motivation, Vision/Purpose

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Dewitt Jones is one of America's top professional photographers with a career stretching over twenty years. As a motion picture director, he had two films nominated for Academy Awards ("Climb" - Best Live Action Short Film and John Muir's "High Sierra" - Best Short Subject Documentary) before he was thirty. Twenty years as a freelance photographer for National Geographic earned him a reputation as a world class photojournalist. Turning to advertising, Jones rose to the forefront of corporate creative marketing photographing national advertising campaigns for Dewar's Scotch, Canon, and United Airlines.

Jones has published nine books, including California!, Visions Of Wilderness, What The Road Passes By, Robert Frost: A Tribute To The Source, Canyon Country, and John Muir's High Sierra. His most recent book, The Nature Of Leadership was created in collaboration with Stephen R. Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). Dewitt's column, "Basic Jones," appears monthly in Outdoor Photographer magazine.

Dewitt is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College with a BA in Drama and holds a Masters Degree in film making from UCLA. He is recognized as a world class lecturer and the recipient of the CPAE award of the National Speakers Association. His knowledge of the creative process, his relaxed and genuine style, and his ability to communicate make his presentations truly outstanding.

Extraordinary Visions: Celebrate What's Right with the World!
Where do we find the vision to take our lives to the next level? How do we summon the passion to keep “raising the bar”? How can we make our life less of a struggle and more of a joy? For photographer and creativity expert, Dewitt Jones, the answers to these questions lie in the images we hold about ourselves, our future, and the way in which we grow. Extraordinary Visions is an hour of both motivation and inspiration. Using his own extraordinary photographs as illustrations, Dewitt weaves a visual tapestry of emotion and content. One that allows you to touch your own passion: to balance your head with your heart: and to come away inspired…with your own creative potential.

Clear Vision: Putting Your Creativity To Work
This classic presentation by Dewitt Jones explores the fundamentals of creativity. He explains just what these fundamental elements are, where they exist in each of us and how to access them. He helps audiences see the world with new eyes and shows them how to tap into and rediscover their own creative gifts. With his own exquisite photographs, Dewitt takes participants on a journey to rekindle and nurture the passion of their own creative potential. He builds a framework for personal creativity and gives audiences the tools to bring that creativity into every part of life.

Dare to Dance
A version of Dewitt's “Extraordinary Visions” program customized for meetings in Hawaii. The themes of Vision, Passion, and Creativity are interlaced with stories and images drawn from Dewitt's time in these beautiful isles. The presentation culminates with Dewitt telling a story of a hula troop from the tiny island of Molokai. To the surprise and delight of the audience, the girls of the halau join Dewitt on stage and bring his still images to life. Dewitt urges the audience to “Dare to Dance” in their own lives and ends the program joining the girls of the halau in a hula that brings down the house. It is the perfect keynote for any meeting you are planning in Hawaii.

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