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Motivate your audience with forehead-slapping insights, belly laughs, and inspiration for small business success from a speaker who is "one of them".


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  Dave is a smart business owner and a genius marketer who is fighting big box corporations on their turf and winning the war. According to BJ Bueno, author of The Power of Cult Branding, Dave is one of few "one-man cult brands." His demeanor is disarming leaving one defenseless as soon as he says "hello." Despite his humble retail beginning over 39 years ago in an abandoned 3-bay gas station, Dave Ratner has managed to build a powerful brand for his 7-store chain. He is one of the very few independant reatilers who sits on the Board of  the  National Retail Federation, is  a member of the Young Presidents' Organization and was elected to the Massachusetts Retail Hall of Fame.  Dave hosts a weekly television show sharing his knowledge of the care of in-home pets on the  local ABC affiliate.   Dave's success has attracted interest from publications that quote him regularly- The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and CBS Radio along with many other periodicals distributed across the Nation.  Dave's humorous delivery of what works, what doesn't and why is simply inspirational. He has the unique ability to appeal to all business levels from store clerks to CEOs.  Business people across the country leave Dave's seminars equipped with the knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm they need to ensure and maintain their success. Groups of sales people, marketers, and customer service representatives use Dave's ideas to improve customer relationships, which in turn grows their businesses. 

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