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Craig Karges - entertaining through the creation of mystery and opening minds to unlimited possibilities!


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Take your next event out of the ordinary and into the realm of the extraordinary with extraordinist Craig Karges!

Craig Karges is truly extraordinary! The "extraordinist" is an award-winning entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author. Karges has made over five thousand appearances in twenty-seven countries on four continents and in all fifty states and he has become incredibly popular with corporate and association audiences for his ability to blend entertainment, message, and motivation in one unforgettable presentation.

Karges is not just an entertainer and he is much more than a speaker. As a speaker, he has been honored by the National Speakers Association (NSA) with the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, and is a CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame member. In the entertainment arena, "Performance Magazine," the international touring talent weekly, named Karges' touring show one of the top five variety / family shows in North America. Karges was in good company as the list also included the likes of illusionist David Copperfield and Walt Disney's World on Ice. Performance Magazine called the extraordinist's performance "The next era in mystery entertainment" and American Entertainment Magazine named Karges one of the top five corporate variety entertainers in the country.

You've seen Craig Karges on "The Tonight Show," as well as CNN, Fox News, CNBC and E! Entertainment Television.  The extraordinist has also starred in two, one-hour television specials and is the author of three books, including the bestselling "Ignite Your Intuition."

Craig Karges' corporate client list ranges from McDonalds to AT&T and from NASA to the Mayo Clinic.  Corporations have relied upon the extraordinist and his unique abilities not only to entertain their employees and clients, but also to motivate them.  "Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary results because we all possess extraordinary capabilities.  I communicate that message both verbally and visually," Karges says.

From Sardinia to Singapore and from Cancun to Cairo, Craig Karges' performing schedule has taken him around the world, appearing at corporate events, theatres, universities and casino showrooms.  "No matter where I perform, I try to make my audiences feel they are a part of something they have never experienced before and hopefully will never forget.  My goal is to entertain my audiences through the creation of mystery and to open their minds to unlimited possibilities," says Karges.

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