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Dynamic Motivational Speaker * Award-winning Author * Registered Nurse sharing the secrets of horse whispering with large healthcare groups so they can get the spark back in their work and their life


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My mission is to help people keep their spark and thrive in a career that fills the soul.
Connie Merritt, RN, BSN, PHN
Motivational Spark-er for Healthcare

Want a keynote speaker who inspires "She gets me!" moments?

You know. The kind that has everyone nodding, laughing and hanging on to every word.

Here's the truth. Working in healthcare has its own unique set of highs and lows. And unless you've been in the trenches, it's hard to empathize with the rigors and frustrations of this audience.

While there are legions of great motivational speakers who can tell inspiring stories, wouldn't it be more meaningful to hear from one who's felt their joy and pain firsthand?

Someone whose words have inspired nurses feeling burnout to get back in the game, live life more fully by doing less (and letting go more), and find hope amidst tragedies witnessed on the job or at home?

Whether you're here because you:

  • Are saddled with the HUGE responsibility of planning a major event, and you want "a sure thing" for your keynote.
  • Worry about losing face (and maybe your credibility) if the speaker doesn't end up having the sizzle you hoped for.
  • Are looking for something fresh and memorable that will have people not just talking, but taking positive action right away.
  • Want the best possible outcome for patients. (You know it starts with a happy, motivated staff but how do you reignite their passion for the work?)

...Not to worry, I can help you. Let me be your "Motivational Spark-er."

Hi, I'm Connie Merritt—National Keynote Specialist, Registered Nurse, Award-Winning Author (and Budding Horse Whisperer)

I speak to people in healthcare who crave the joy they once had in their work and life. I show them how to turn obstacles into opportunities and traumas into traction, so they can move forward and:

  •  Be more present (and pleasant) for their patients & co-workers
  •  Deal with difficult people and situations
  •  Set priorities and use wiser self-care
  •  Take initiative, and take action
  •  Have hope and let go of what's keeping them stuck

What's new and exciting?
        From Horse Whispering to Nurse Whispering

Since 2008 I've studied with a world-renowned natural horsemanship trainers. In my talks, I now share the "horse whispering" language and strategies I've learned that can be empowering and healing—especially for people working in healthcare.

One of the mindset strategies that resonates with me:
The problem is not the problem, the problem is your ATTITUDE about the problem.

What makes me qualified?

  • For more than 25 years, I've spoken to the nation's top healthcare companies, organizations and associations—many are repeat clients—so I know what resonates (and what doesn't) with these audiences.
  • I'm a geek when it comes to research about healthcare trends and human behavior. I weave in what I learn to keep my topics current and relevant.

  • I got my BSN and PHN, then spent my nursing career in Critical Care and the Emergency Department. I was even a village nurse in French-speaking Switzerland. Been in the trenches, check.

  • Through my book from McGraw-Hill, Too Busy for Your Own Good, I've helped millions of people live in the present, enjoy what matters most, and get more done without multi-tasking.

  • I've had my share, and then some, of personal challenges and losses. They keep my storytelling true, compelling and inspiring.

  • Media have called on my expertise including: USA Today, Fox Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Advance for Nurses, NBC, CNN & CBS Radio, and other nationally syndicated radio and television programs.

Who do I work with?

You'll find my clients throughout all 50 states. Together, we work to make healthcare people, organizations and associations happier and healthier.

In my audiences, you'll find those at the heart of making this industry work including: Nurses at all levels, administrators, advanced practitioners, executives, telehealth, health information and EMR teams, and many other specially-trained staff members.

On a Personal Note or Two...

I'm fluent in French. Which means I can't resist a warm, buttery croissant.

When I was nine years old, I kept all the books and banking for my dad's business. Budgets and spreadsheets don't scare me.

I've mentored three young women through college, so Millennials don't scare me either.

I'm a licensed pilot. On my first cross-country solo flight, I nearly had a mid-air collision with a California condor. That scared me.

When I'm not on the speaking trail, you can probably find me hanging out with my Quarter Horse, Trio, organizing anything and everything, or planning a themed gathering with my gal pals.

Ready to go from bored to adored?

I often book out months in advance, so if you think we may be a good fit, let's chat soon, or call your favorite speaker's bureau.


Conquering Raiders of the Lost Spark: Your Spark Determines Your Success
Managing Daily Demands, Drama & Deadlines – even in the Midst of Change

Dealing with Difficult People & Sticky Situations in the World of Healthcare
Smart Moves for Managing Who's Pushing Your Buttons & Challenging Dilemmas

The Future of Healthcare – Rx for Tweeters, Googlers & Kaboomers
Understand the Trends & Master the Changes Rocking Your World

in Our Diverse, Multi-Generational, Hi-Tech, Mobile Workplace Environment

Effective Stress Relief and Grace Under Pressure for
Today's Busy Healthcare Provider

How to Maintain Focus, Calmness & Professionalism
and Reduce Stress in Any Situation

Connie Merritt, RN, BSN, PHN uses the following justifications to complete your CEU requirements:

  • A key recommendation from the the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Initiative on the Future of Nursing) is to ensure that healthcare providers engage in learning the communication skills needed to provide care for diverse populations, which directly impact clinical outcomes.
  • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported healthcare providers experiencing stress and burnout may not be able to perform efficiently and effectively because their physical and cognitive resources may be reduced; this suboptimal performance may affect patient care and its safety.
  • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that there exists a significant generation gap in attitudes and satisfaction among younger, midcareer and older healthcare providers and thusly continuing education needs to address these issues in order to maintain high standards of patient care and efficiency.


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