Bob Davies

Bob Davies is the author of seven audio cassette learning albums and two books, "The Sky Is Not The Limit-You Are!" and "Coaching For High Performance". He has a professional demo video which highlights many of his keynote presentations. He has an extensive client lists of satisfied customers and several testimonials are included. Virtually every company that hears Bob speak, wants to implement his materials.


Attitude, Change, Goal Setting, Health & Nutrition, Leadership, Peak Performance

Full Bio

Bob Davies graduated from Rutgers University, in New Jersey, in 1975 with a degree in Health. He was a high school teacher and coach for two years before resigning and attending graduate school at Springfield College, in Massachusetts. While at Springfield College he had the opportunity to coach Olympic athlete, Jeff Blatnick, who won the gold medal in Greco Roman wrestling in the Olympics. Bob also was an assistant football coach, while earning his masters of education degree in Psychology.

Upon graduation, he was hired as the head football, head wrestling coach, and researcher at California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena California. While at Cal Tech, he had the opportunity to research the work of Roger Sperry, who won the Nobel peace prize for his right and left brain research in 1980. This research lead to further discovery of the best techniques for elite performance used by the Bulgarians and Russians.

Bob left Cal Tech in 1979 for an assistant football coaching position at California State University Fullerton where his techniques helped an average football team to win two conference championships.

While at CSUF, the coaching staff was faced with the problem that every team on the schedule had better athletes. The only way to win would be to perform at the highest level of talent that they had, and hope to catch other teams performing at a lower level. That is exactly what happened. Together as a staff, the coaches developed a "template" to enable average athletes to tap into their potential. Just about every coach on that original staff has gone on to take these techniques to a higher level.

Steve Mariucci, went to the Green Bay Packers and helped a cast off quarterback, released by Atlanta, named Brett Farve, to become all NFL MVP.

Jerry Brown went to Northwestern and helped them to go from the basement to a Big Ten title and play in the 1995 Rose bowl. Others from that original staff have gone on to great accomplishments as well.

It is from this coaching background that Bob Davies has studied and formed systems around strategic planning, time accountability, tracking, and setting up systems that enable individuals to tap into the highest level of their potential.

Mr. Davies has a personal story that is relevant as well. He is a perfect example of the results of implementing the concepts of this keynote. Bob grew up in poverty. He is the only person in his immediate family to ever graduate high school. He was raised in a single parent household. His mother never graduated high school. His older brother got involved in drugs and never graduated. His younger sister also was involved in drugs and never graduated. Bob got involved in athletics. He had a coach who was a source of expectations, hope, and accountability.

Bob will reveal in this talk how he changed his point of view to break free of his "poverty mentality" and reach his goals in his business, health, and personal life.

Bob also added diversity to his background that is relevant. He is a former practicing hypnotherapist. Bob holds the highest credential available in the field of certified personal and professional coaching, Master Certified Coach. He has served on the board of the International Coaches Federation, the governing body for coaches, and currently sits on the "ARC" committee, the committee that reviews candidates for credentials.

Bob has successfully confronted his fear of heights by becoming an avid skydiver and pilot. He has over 1400 jumps at this time. He is also an instrumented rated private pilot. Bob has been diagnosed with "Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder". Despite this distractibility, he has managed all of the accomplishments above through the use of the techniques in this keynote talk.

Bob is a professional speaker, author, trainer, and coach. He spends much of his time, 70+ times per year, speaking about the principles in this presentation to a variety of organizations.

Many companies are using the techniques in this program to change the culture of their companies and to greatly increase performances.

Hunt Real Estate, in Buffalo NY, is using these principles throughout their 900 agent real estate firm. They have reported a 38% increase in production the first year of using these techniques.

Unlimited Medstaff, a contract recruiting firm, is using these techniques throughout their organization and already have experienced measurable growth four months into the program.

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