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The Nation¿s TechnoMotivator¿


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Bill Metcalf, the Nation's TechnoMotivator , helps people discover new ways to use communication technology by overcoming their fears and engaging their creative thinking. New technology is fundamentally re-shaping nearly every activity on the planet from commerce, to government, to education, to healthcare - even to our own private lives. Bill has made a specialty of showing organizations ways that they can effectively use new communication technology - particularly the Net - to gain a competitive advantage. Bill received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He is the President of TechnoShift, Inc. and was recently selected to be the Executive Director of COOL - Cooperative Opportunity for Online Learning - a not-for-profit dedicated to helping young people teach older people how to use technology.. Bill's years on stage as a professional actor make his presentations fun, inventive, and thought provoking. Bill's technical knowledge comes from the school of "hard crashes" and frustration - like most of your organization & customers. Yet today, he uses more technology than most "techies" he knows. He has even produced "live" desktop videoconferences on the road in hotels from the keynote stage. His mission: to turn you and your organization into TechnoSavages -- people who believe so strongly in the future of new technology that they will let nothing and nobody stand in the way of their reaping the benefits of this new era. Bill lives in Oak Park, IL with his wife Melanie and three sons: Harrison, age 9 , and Jordan age 8, and baby Max, age 20 months! As he watches his sons conquer computers and the Net, he sees your future unfolding before his eyes. It is as exciting as it is scary, but after an hour with Bill Metcalf, you will have the confidence to find your place in this digital future.

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