Arnold Shapiro

Arnold Shapiro is the Oscar and Emmy Award-winning producer of the documentary "Scared Straight!"


Ethics/Integrity, Inspirational, Sales

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Arnold Shapiro is the Oscar and Emmy Award-winning producer of the documentary "Scared Straight!" Among his 150 awards are 16 Emmys and an Academy Award. Arnold has produced 28 series, 5 TV movies for CBS, and more than 90 documentaries and specials including the series, "Rescue 911" and the annual CBS summer series, "Big Brother."

Arnold draws relevant parallels between show business and your business. His expertise in selling, communication and leadership is presented through his relatable stories of successes and overcoming set-backs; and he illustrates his stories with humorous and dramatic film clips for an entertaining, informative and inspirational keynote or workshop.

Your group can benefit from all of Arnold's topics including effectively handling ethical dilemmas, making a difference, re-inventing yourself in times of constant change, and the power of passion in selling.

Arnold demonstrates the ways ordinary people like himself can achieve extraordinary results by utilizing his "failure is not an option" success strategies. Using his wit, wisdom, and business experience as an entrepreneur, innovator and risk-taker, Arnold will inspire your group towards greater productivity and accomplishments.


The Networks Won't Buy It: The Power of Passion in Selling
I Don't Care if You Lie, Cheat, or Steal: Effectively Handling Ethical Dilemmas
Don't End Up on the Editing Room Floor: The Rewards of Making a Difference
Keeping Employees Happy and Engaged
Producing An Oscar-Winning ... Without Having to Win An Oscar
My Show Just Got Cancelled: Reinventing Yourself in Times of Change
Victory Over Violence
(for law enforcement, judiciary, correctional facilities, social workers in dealing with domestic violence, teen violence, drug abuse, gun violence, child abuse, etc.)
Lights! Camera! STOP the Action: Ethics in Hollywood
The Children Are Watching
The Children Are Watching
(for Educators)
Are You in Focus? Effective Communication
Cue the Laugh Track: Keeping Your Sense of Humor

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