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With fast-paced banter and bombastic commentary, the McLaughlin Group cuts to the chase of today's political issues, shredding Washingtonian jargon and strategy to its basic, understandable elements.



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The McLaughlin Group collectively leads audiences through an animated discussion of the current issues affecting our nation. Opening the floor to audience questions and comments, The McLaughlin Group shares and challenges their expert opinions with humor, wit and the best example of clear commentary that exists in Washington today. John McLaughlin is also available for solo appearances.


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The McLaughlin Group is the nation’s most raucous, penetrating and highest rated public affairs program on television. Available to 99% of the television households in the United States, The McLaughlin Group is trusted by Washington-watchers around the globe. Representing opinions of the far-left, the far-right and everything in-between, The McLaughlin Group is comprised of a feisty and outspoken collection of journalists, strategists and newsmakers. Hosted by the venerable and tenacious John McLaughlin, the Group dishes their analyses with rapid-fire precision which is guaranteed to stir up entertaining and enlightening debate.

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