The Speaker Agency brings exceptional keynote speakers to its clients – despite the COVID-19 pandemic – through widely available and easy to use teleconferencing platforms. These are our Virtual Keynotes, and they are ready to inspire!

COVID Cancellations
Peruse any list of corporate conventions or conferences and you will see a list awash in red ink: CANCELLED.  At a time when nervous professionals everywhere could use the reassurance, motivation, and inspiration that an exceptional keynote can provide, keynote season has been cancelled.

Or has it?

The Speaker Agency says no. Our virtual keynote speakers are raring to go, with plenty to say about using today’s challenges to prepare for tomorrow’s success.

Embracing Technology
The technology to bring these keynotes to you has never been more accessible. Downloads of videoconferencing apps have exploded in the past few weeks. The app tracker AppAnnie recently reported that business apps downloads, including telework and teleconferencing, are up 90% over this time last year.  In certain markets. Google has reported a 140% increase in downloads for it Hangouts app.

“As we enter into a new wave of the pandemic, with the US and Europe at the center of rising cases, lockdown and home quarantine measures increase in efforts to flatten the curve. As a result, Europeans and Americans turn to video conferencing apps for work collaboration and keeping in touch with family and friends.” AppAnnie

Meeting the Challenge of the New
Objections? “There’s nothing like live,” you say? Perhaps. But we are all being forced into new paradigms in order to survive and thrive in business.  The medium is the message, Dr. McLuhan told us. Your audience must accept the format before they can accept the content. Today, the uninitiated are receiving a crash course in tele-everything, and the virtual keynotes of The Speaker Agency can help you capitalize on this trend.  

Inquire as to how we can deliver our extraordinary keynotes in a virtual format. Contact The Speaker Agency today.

The Speaker Agency is pleased to announce the addition of author, entrepreneur, and experience strategy expert Kate O’Neill to our roster of distinguished keynote speakers. Topics such as futurism and technological change are an increasingly common request among Speaker Agency clientele, making this very timely and exciting addition.

Kate is known as the Tech Humanist, which also happens to be the title of her latest book. As such, she “help(s) humanity prepare for an increasingly tech-driven future by guiding business and civic leaders to be both successful and respectful with human-centric data and technology, and by helping people better understand the human impact of emerging technologies.” Simply put, she wants to make tech better for business and for people. It is a philosophy honed over the course of two decades on the front lines of leading-edge tech.

Tech Pioneer
The Speaker Agency seeks only the most relevant and experienced keynote speakers, and Ms. O’Neill certainly qualifies. Kate was one of the first 100 employees at Netflix, where she developed now-standard content management and e-commerce practices. Later she founded [meta]marketer, a pioneering analytics and digital strategy agency; drove experience optimization at; and developed Toshiba America‘s first intranet.

Today, Kate is the founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic consultancy serving clients such as Google, Cisco, Etsy, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Kelly Services, as well as universities such as Yale and Cambridge.

Recognized Thought Leader
They are known as Thought Leaders – visionaries with novel approaches to today’s issues and an eye toward the future. These curious minds are in high demand as keynote speakers, and The Speaker Agency features the most dynamic names in the marketplace of ideas. Kate O’Neill is one of these, and her mission to help people better understand the human impact of emerging technologies has earned Kate wide recognition. She was named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar, a global ranking of management thinkers. Past accolades include “Technology Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Power Leader in Technology,” “Woman of Influence,” among others.

Whether she is speaking on Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things, or the human-tech relationship; engaging executives, techies, HR, sales teams, or civic leaders, this optimistic futurist “advocates for the future of humanity in an increasingly tech-driven world.”

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What Clients are Saying...

The Speaker Agency has provided speakers for our Association and Auto Show events for more than 10 years. Working with The Speaker Agency gives me peace of mind that everything will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner. Their industry knowledge and attention to detail have certainly contributed to the success of our events, and our guests always leave happy after being entertained by one of their speakers. I would highly recommend The Speaker Agency. Thank you for always making the NTXAD look good!
– Director of Communications – North Texas Automobile Dealers
We have been working with the Speaker Agency for over 5 years and each year they deliver a top notch speaker. They really listen to what we are looking in a speaker and provide us with list of candidates that fit the mold. They also go beyond with personal descriptions of each recommendation. Our event has grown each year and it's directly related to the speakers Speaker Agency have found for us. They also go beyond with personal descriptions of each recommendation. Our event has grown each year and it's directly related to the speakers Speaker Agency have found for us.
– Director, Rochester Insurance
The Speaker Agency has been instrumental in providing the Oakland Hills Scholarship Trust with professional access to the most sought-after talent in the game of golf, including Mr. Jack Nicklaus and Mr. Tom Watson. They have been an invaluable partner for the Trust, with their attention to detail, knowledge of event execution and responsiveness to our questions, all which made our experience working with the Speaker Agency terrific. Thank you, Matt!
– Sharon Angle-Karry, Board of Directors, OHCC
Working with the Speaker Agency has been a true partnership – they’ve taken the time to meet with us, understand our event goals and challenges, and to learn what our attendees and sponsors find important and valuable. Because of this investment in our partnership, the Speaker Agency has connected our event with numerous business, technology, and workplace experts who have delivered compelling and successful keynote presentations for our growing event. We look forward to the continued success of this partnership.
– Steve Boese, HR Executive

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